Certain Signs That You Are Dead by Torkil Damhaug Book Review


CERTAIN SIGNS THAT YOU ARE DEAD is the fourth psychological thriller in Torkil Damhaug’s Oslo Crime Files, a tense ark quartet for fans of Camilla Lackberg and Jo Nesbo.

Every killer leaves a trace.

In Akershus University Hospital, a patient disappears into thin air.

That evening, his body is found in a basement box-room, his throat cut.

When retired forensic pathologist Jennifer Platerud is called in to examine the dead man, she has no idea of just how closely she is involved in the murder herself.

And in the merciless heat of summer, she will be forced to make connections she would have preferred to ignore…


Certain Signs that You are Dead is the first book by Torkil Damhaug which I have read and it is the fourth book in the Oslo Crime Files series. Although I hadn’t read the previous books in the series I had no problem getting into this book and it made for a very enjoyable read, I highly recommend it.

Sigurd Woods believes his girlfriend, Katya is having an affair. He has watched her talking with a stranger and now she is leaving him for several days and gives him very little information about what she is doing, it begins to drive Sigurd mad and he sets out to discover the truth about what she has been doing behind his back. But when he discovers the truth behind her mysterious past and what she has been getting up to, he finds himself in a dangerous situation and he must make the decision whether he should help Katya or not. Is their relationship really worth fighting for?

The book is filled with plenty of action, especially towards the end. I thought it was an intelligently plotted thriller and I enjoyed getting to know Torkil’s characters. I found Sigurd and his mother Jenny particularly intriguing. Whilst they both find themselves caught up in this dangerous case they both have their problems at home to worry about. Sigurd’s brother puts a huge strain on the family due to his increasing debt, I thought this was interesting back story to explore and for me it opened up their characters.

If you’re a fan of Jo Nesbo, then you have to give this a go, it’s a series that I’ll be keeping an eye out and I’m keen to read the previous books. Thank you to Millie Seaward at Headline and Bookbridgr for sending me a copy to review.

Publisher: Headline

Publication date: 18th May 2017

Print length: 448 pages