Dead Lands by Lloyd Otis Blog Tour @LloydOtisWriter @urbanebooks

I’m thrilled to be hosting today’s stop on the Dead Land blog tour, the debut thriller set in 1970s London by Lloyd Otis.


Dead Lands is a thrilling crime story set in the 1970s. When a woman’s body is found a special team is called in to investigate and prime suspect Alex Troy is arrested for the murder. Desperate to remain a free man, Troy protests his innocence, but refuses to use his alibi. Trying to protect the woman he loves becomes a dangerous game – questions are asked and suspicions deepen. When the prime suspect completes a daring escape from custody, DI Breck and DS Kearns begin the hunt. Breck wants out of the force while Kearns has her own agenda and seeks revenge. Breck has his suspicions and she wants to keep it from him, and a right-wing march provides an explosive backdrop to their hunt for Troy. Lloyd Otis brings a startling account of the past back to life over a burgeoning ’70s landscape, and delivers a thrilling piece of crime fiction that will excite any fan of the genre.



Dead Lands is a thrilling crime novel by Lloyd Otis set in 1970s London. If you’re looking for something that is a little different and if you’re a fan of gritty crime thrillers then I would highly recommend Dead Lands. Brilliant writing.

I found Dead Lands to be a fascinating insight into the decade of the 1970s. Having not lived through the decade myself, I found it interesting to see how much detective work has changed in just a few decades; only a few decades ago, detectives had to rely solely on witness statements and fingerprints to nail a suspect, now of course, we have DNA, advanced computers and CCTV but it is still amazing to think that some criminals manage to slip through the net. The novel was well researched, the crime, which is the main focus of the story, is set against the backdrop of a far right march which is taking place in the capital; this diverts a lot of police resources and makes investigating the murder even harder for the police. The novel highlights the racial tensions that there were in the city at the time which is also relevant to what is going on in today’s world across the globe.

Dead Lands opens with the murder of a high profile business woman. The case is high priority for the detectives and an employee of the firm, Alex Troy, who the dead woman was planning to sack, is arrested on suspicion of her murder. But when Alex manages to slip out of the station under the detectives noses, it becomes clear that there is more going on here than meets the eye. How can a suspect in a high profile murder investigation have absconded so easily? What is really going on here; is this a case of identity theft and is the real Alex Troy innocent of any wrongdoing?

I found both of the detectives, Breck and Kearns to be intriguing characters. Throughout the novel we get the sense that one of them is holding something back, to which their partner isn’t privy to. This was a great source of tension and kept me turning the pages as I tried to figure out what that was. Breck’s back story was also an interesting sub-plot. He spends a lot of time with his girlfriend who was the victim of a horrific attack which she hasn’t recovered from. Breck is determined to find the person who did this to her. A lot of detectives in crime fiction are ‘married to the job’ and I’m sure that this is the case in real life as well. Although Breck is rushed off his feet trying to nail the suspect and bring him to justice in the murder they are investigating, he finds a lot of time for his partner, which is what I liked about him.

A really enjoyable read. Lloyd Otis is a talented writer, I’ll certainly be looking out for more from him in the future and I’m hoping that we’ll see the return of Breck and Kearns. Thank you to Abby Slater-Fairbrother for organising the blog tour and to Urbane publications for sending me a copy of the book to read.

Publisher: Urbane Publications

Publication date: 12th October 2017

Print length: 360 pages