My Girl by Jack Jordan Book Review


Paige Dawson: the mother of a murdered child and wife to a dead man. She has nothing left to live for… until she finds her husband’s handgun hidden in their house. Why did Ryan need a gun? What did he know about their daughter’s death? Desperate for the truth, Paige begins to unearth her husband’s secrets. But she has no idea who she is up against, or that her life isn’t hers to gamble – she belongs to me. From the bestselling author of Anything for Her, Jack Jordan’s My Girl is the new chilling thriller that you won’t want to miss.


Over Christmas, I managed to make a dent in my TBR pile, and I finally got round to reading My Girl, Jack Jordan’s latest book and I really wish I’d read it sooner. Jack has created an utterly gripping book in his most recent novel, and his character’s story had my eyes glued to the page. Jack Jordan is a name I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from in the psychological thriller world.

In My Girl, we follow Paige Dawson. She has been left broken after the death of her husband and the disappearance of her daughter, Chloe. Chloe disappeared ten years previously, and the police discovered parts of her body in a nearby river, her killer was never identified. Paige has never moved on and soon turns to drink, she is also addicted to pain killers which she needs to get herself through the day, and she resorts to drastic and shocking measures to acquire them. We meet Paige when she is at her lowest ebb, and it seems that there is little hope for her. But with the discovery of a gun in her husband’s study, old questions begin to resurface; is there a possibility, that after all this time, she could find out who killed her daughter?

What I really liked about this book was Jack’s writing, his writing moves along at a fast pace, and he held my interest throughout the novel which made it a really quick read, I couldn’t stop turning the pages. The story is primarily told from Paige’s point of view, and we see events unfold through her eyes. I felt desperately sad for her as she tried to pick the pieces of her life back together and just as she thinks she’s starting to make the right decisions and to look after herself – wham, and that’s where I won’t talk any more about the plot as I don’t want to spoil it. But I did not see the direction Paige’s story was going to go; Jack totally knocked the socks off my feet with the twist. It’s hard to imagine how families who are in Paige’s situation must feel, and as I was reading this book, it did bring several recent cases which have been in the news to mind.

This book does deal with some dark themes, and some of the revelations are hard-hitting. It makes for a seriously twisty read, and I’m very excited to see what the author has in store for us next, he is definitely a writer to watch out for. I’m sure I’ll be checking out his debut novel Anything For Her very soon.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication date: 3rd July 2016

Print length: 248 pages