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I’m so excited that I can finally share my review of Deep Blue Trouble by Steph Broadribb today, the second book in the Lori Anderson series as part of the blog tour.


Her daughter Dakota is safe, but her cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT – Dakota’s daddy and the man who taught Lori everything – alive and kicking. Problem is, he’s behind bars, and heading for death row. Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking on off-the-books job from shady FBI agent Alex Monroe. Bring back on-the-run felon, Gibson ‘The Fish’ Fletcher, and JT walks free. Teaming up with local bounty hunter Dez McGregor threatens to put the whole job in danger. But this is one job she’s got to get right, or she’ll lose everything…


Finally, Lori Anderson is back in Steph Broadribb’s highly anticipated second novel Deep Blue Trouble. And what an explosive return to the series it is. If you’re a fan of Lori Anderson and JT, then you are in for a real treat. And if you haven’t read this series yet, you do not want to be missing out. I would recommend starting with the first book in the series before reading Deep Blue Trouble as you will learn a lot about Lori and JT’s relationship; it also follows on from events in the first book.

After the events of the previous novel, Lori’s trainer, and father of her nine-year-old daughter Dakota, JT, is facing a prison sentence and possibly the death penalty. Lori can’t let that happen, she has her daughter’s future to think about and if at any time in her life, her cancer returns, her father will be the best option there is for a successful bone marrow transplant. Lori can’t afford to lose him. She signs a deal with her boss, that if she brings in an escaped fugitive, then the charges that JT is facing will disappear. The man she is sent out to find is Gibson ‘The Fish’ Fletcher. But why is Monroe interested in Gibson, what makes him any different to any other fugitive out there? What dealings has Monroe had with Gibson in the past?

In this book, Lori teams up with Dez McGregor and his team in California. Used to working independently there are undoubtedly tensions between her and Dez who seems to take an immediate dislike to her and Lori, likewise, takes a dislike to him. But Lori has no choice but to work with him if she wants JT released from prison, everything for Lori hangs in the balance, and if she doesn’t succeed, she faces an uncertain future. Lori is also aware that she is being followed and is on edge throughout the book, especially when she begins to receive threatening messages.

The Lori Anderson books are shaping up to be a fine, eagerly anticipated new crime series. Steph Broadribb has a real talent for creating highly engaging and believable characters. I’m excited to see where Steph will take us next with Lori and JT. Thank you to Karen Sullivan at Orenda Books for sending me a copy of the book to review and Anne Cater for inviting me to take part in the blog tour.

Publisher: Orenda

Publication date: 5th January 2018

Print length: 320 pages



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