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Late one night a man walks into the luxurious home of disgraced banker Harry McNamara and his wife Julie. The man launches an unspeakably brutal attack on Harry as a horror-struck Julie watches, frozen by fear.

Just an hour later the attacker, JP Carney, has handed himself in to the police. He confesses to beating Harry to death, but JP claims that the assault was not premeditated and that he didn’t know the identity of his victim. With a man as notorious as Harry McNamara, the detectives cannot help wondering, was this really a random act of violence or is it linked to one of Harry’s many sins: corruption, greed, betrayal?

This gripping psychological thriller will have you questioning, who – of Harry, Julie and JP – is really the guilty one? And is Carney’s surrender driven by a guilty conscience or is his confession a calculated move in a deadly game?



Wow, The Confession by Jo Spain is a top-notch psychological thriller; I was lost for words after I finished this book. If you’re looking for a hard-hitting, nail-biting thriller, The Confession is the book for you.

On the front cover of the book, the publishers tell you: you find out who did it on the very first page, on the last page you’ll find out why. Jo Spain opens the novel with a startling prologue, Harry McNamara, wealthy banker and celebrity businessman is at home with his wife Julie watching a crime drama on television. Their evening soon turns into a blood bath when a stranger stumbles into their home and stabs Harry in a full-blown attack. But what is all the more bemusing is when the attacker hands himself into the police only hours after the attack and makes a full confession, he is devastated by what he has done. But was the attack as random as he claims it was or is there a reason behind why he decided to attack Harry McNamara? It is this that Detective Alice Moody tries to uncover as she looks into Harry’s murky past. But the truth is far more shocking than you would think.

From the very first page of this book, I was gripped. The novel is told from three viewpoints: Harry’s wife, Julie, Detective Alice Moody and a man called JP. When we hear from Julie and JP, the novel flicks back from the past to the present. Jo takes us through Julie’s marriage to Harry, from the very first day that the couple met right up until the day when the intruder breaks into their home and stabs her husband. Their stories were utterly gripping, and I stayed up reading, well into the early hours to find out if there was somehow a connection and what, if anything, possessed this man to attack Harry.

Harry and Julie are spoiled by Harry’s unlimited wealth. Harry is one of the top bankers in the country, responsible for the wealth flowing in and out of Ireland. When we are first introduced to them, you may feel very little sympathy for them, due to the amount of money that they have, but for me, I found that my opinions changed as the novel progressed, particularly towards Julie. I think this is a subject that will prompt a lot of discussion in book groups and it’ll be fascinating to see how different people feel about the characters.

You will be utterly gripped when you start reading The Confession, it is pure psychological drama that will keep you on your toes as you try to figure out what is going on. With perfectly drawn characters and a compelling plot, this is a must read for thriller fans. Thank you to Anne Cater for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and to Quercus Books for the advance review copy.

Publisher: Quercus

Publication date: 25th January 2018

Print length: 400 pages



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