The Feed by Nick Clark Windo Book Review

The Feed by [Windo, Nick Clark]


THE FEED by Nick Clark Windo is a startling and timely debut which presents a world as unique and vividly imagined as STATION ELEVEN and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.

Tom and Kate’s daughter turns six tomorrow, and they have to tell her about sleep.
If you sleep unwatched, you could be Taken. If you are Taken, then watching won’t save you.
Nothing saves you.

Your knowledge. Your memories. Your dreams.
If all you are is on the Feed, what will you become when the Feed goes down?

For Tom and Kate, in the six years since the world collapsed, every day has been a fight for survival. And when their daughter, Bea, goes missing, they will question whether they can even trust each other anymore.

The threat is closer than they realise…


The Feed is a scarily realistic, post-apocalyptic debut novel. We live in a world dominated by social media, the Internet and instant twenty-four hour news. It seems that we don’t think for ourselves for a lot of the time, the answers are there at the click of a finger, whenever I ask a question, the response that usually comes is “Google it.” Which can be a shame as in some cases it cancels out the need to engage in conversation.

The first thing I always do every morning is check my phone, Facebook, Twitter and the news, eager to catch up on what I have missed in the last six or eight hours that I have been asleep, and I am sure that I am not alone in doing so. Once we become addicted to social media it becomes very hard to break, for me, horror strikes when the WiFi goes down. This is the same with The Feed in Nick Clark Windo’s debut. People are wholly dependent on it and without it society would collapse. The basic skills that we take for granted in our lives today, are not easily accessible in this world, even skills such as reading and writing are no longer required. So what happens to society, when The Feed goes down?

Tom and Kate are Feed sceptics. Unlike the majority of their fellow human beings, they prefer to switch off their Feed and live in the real world, but even they begin to find this difficult. During the opening pages, catastrophe strikes when President Taylor is assassinated and the Feed itself goes down. The Feed provided everything for everyone, even the ability to communicate with each other without having to speak and now, in order to survive, people must learn to cope without it.

The Feed isn’t the type of book I would usually read, but I had seen a lot of people talking about it on social media and I was intrigued, I was thrilled when my wish was granted by Netgalley. The author has created a world where trust plays a huge role in people’s lives. In this new world our characters find themselves in, people can be taken, where an outsider invades their mind. Trust is a strong theme that plays throughout the book.

Tom and Kate kept me engaged throughout the book. When their six year old daughter, Bea goes missing, they leave their camp and take a dangerous road to try and find her. The pace rockets as they race against the clock to track her down. Tom and Kate’s grief at losing their daughter was totally believable and I was desperate for them to be reunited. This is a great source of tension in the book, although this is a post-apocalyptic novel, it does have elements of a thriller. I believe that this book will appeal to fans of both psychological thrillers and post-apocalyptic novels.

Nick’s writing is highly addictive and will keep you turning the pages. The Feed is an outstanding debut which I highly recommend; I predict that it will be huge in 2018. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy to read.

Publisher: Headline

Publication date: 25th January 2018

Print length: 368 pages