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If you can’t trust your sister, then who can you trust?

Kate Rafter has spent her life running from her past. But when her mother dies, she’s forced to return to Herne Bay – a place her sister Sally never left.

But something isn’t right in the old family home. On her first night Kate is woken by terrifying screams. And then she sees a shadowy figure in the garden…

Who is crying for help?
What does it have to do with Kate’s past?
And why does no one – not even her sister – believe her?

The ‘shocking’ ‘haunting’ and ‘riveting’ thriller about the secrets even those closest to us keep, this book will keep you turning the pages late into the night. For fans of Clare Mackintosh, C L Taylor and Erin Kelly.


My Sister’s Bones, is a dark, atmospheric, twisty debut novel by Nuala Ellwood. We follow war reporter, Kate as she returns to her home in Herne Bay, England, after hearing about the death of her mother. Kate has an estranged relationship with her sister, Sally, who still lives in the town, and tries to make amends with her, even though Sally doesn’t want to hear anything more from her. But whilst she is home, Kate believes she has stumbled on a sinister secret, but how can she prove it when no one will listen to her?

Kate is haunted by the events that she has witnessed in Aleppo. She is suffering from PTSD and begins to hallucinate; she has dark dreams and visions about her time spent there. I found this aspect of the plot of My Sister’s Bones, absolutely harrowing, as we see Kate begin to crumble, and the scenes that she replays in her mind are very vivid and disturbing. Nuala Ellwood takes us into the heart of the troubles that have been going on in Syria and she brings them to the forefront of your mind and in these sections of the novel, the writing is very powerful. We also learn that Kate has been arrested, but we don’t yet know what it is that she is supposed to have done. Here the intrigue kept me turning those pages as I wanted to find out what had happened to Kate and why she was in a police station.

As well as Kate’s backstory as a war reporter, we also learn of the trauma that she and her sister faced in their childhood. Nuala peels back the layers of their relationship as the novel develops and there are some shocking twists and turns that will leave you reeling.

My Sister’s Bones is a very well written, multi layered novel. Nuala’s writing pulls you into Kate’s troubled world and it makes for an engaging and intriguing read. She is certainly a writer to watch out for and I can’t wait to see what she will write next.

Publisher: Penguin

Publication date: 7th September 2017

Print length: 400 pages


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