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Wrong Way Home

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A cold case leads DI Grace Fisher on the hunt for the most dangerous killer of her career – but after twenty-five years, can she really be sure she will get to the truth?

The same night a local hero saved two people from the burning Marineland resort in Southend, a young woman was raped and murdered minutes from the scene of the fire, the culmination of a series of brutal rapes in the town. The killer was never found.

Twenty-five years on, new DNA techniques have blown the cold case open. DI Grace Fisher relishes the prospect of finally catching the culprit, but when the evidence doesn’t point to one clear suspect, she must reconstruct the original investigation. Any suggestion that the Essex force was less than thorough at the time could alienate her colleagues and destroy her chances of reaching the truth.

Grace finds her investigation shadowed by a young true-crime podcaster backed by veteran crime reporter Ivo Sweatman. As pressure mounts she cannot afford to be distracted. She knows that a cold-blooded killer is slowly being backed into a corner, and a cornered predator is often the most dangerous of all…


I have always been fascinated by cold cases. How can a perpetrator evade justice for years? Someone in their family, or someone who is close to them must know what they have done, how can they stay silent? Sometimes all it takes is for one person to look at a case with fresh eyes and join the dots together, assisted with the use of modern policing.

In Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey, DI Grace Fisher and her team are re-investigating a twenty-five year old cold case, in which new DNA evidence has been uncovered. In 1992, a young woman, Heather Bowyer, was raped and killed, the police never tracked down her killer. Now the police are hoping that they can finally nail their suspect, a quarter of century after he murdered his victim. The police also believe that he was responsible for other attacks which took place in the same area. But proving his guilt might be even trickier than Grace Fisher and her team thought possible.

What I really like about this series, is that the settings are fairly local to me; Southend is just a half hour drive away from where I live, so I could quite easily picture the scenes. The book is mainly told through Grace Fisher’s perspective but we also hear the story through a series of podcasts which are produced by twenty-five year old, Freddie Craig. He is hoping to shine new light on Heather Bowyer’s murder and believes he has a special connection to the case as he was born on the same day she died. Over the last few years we have seen a rise in true crime podcasts and through these podcasts the general public have attempted to solve crimes that have taken place. Isabelle kept me wondering if Freddie was going to get to the truth first. The plot moves along at a fast pace as each new secret about the family at the centre of the mystery is uncovered and there are surprising revelations.

Wrong Way Home is a well plotted crime novel that pulls you into the heart of the mystery. The DI Grace Fisher series is one that I highly recommend. Thank you to Hannah Robinson at Quercus for sending me a copy of the book to review and to Anne Cater for inviting me to take part in the blog tour.

Publisher: Quercus

Publication date: 17th May 2018

Print length: 384 pages



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