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Merciless - Heleyne Hammersley

Source: Netgalley


Two murders. One missing girl.

DI Kate Fletcher is called out to a freezing canal where a woman’s body is found floating in a lock.  With no identification, the police struggle to piece together the details of the woman’s life.

In Thorpe a daughter confesses to the murder of her father.  She says she helped him escape a painful death from liver cancer, but was her role more active than she claims?

As Kate and her team investigate, the links between the two cases are inescapable and everything seems to lead back to the disappearance of a teenager years earlier.

Then the main suspect vanishes….

Can Kate connect the events of past and present to bring the culprit to justice?


Merciless is the first book by Heleyne Hammersley which I have read and it is a corker. Although I haven’t read the previous book in the DI Kate Fletcher series, I felt that Merciless worked very well as a standalone, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous book, although like me, I’m sure you’ll want to once you’ve finished. Heleyne takes us on a tense ride as she explores two, seemingly unrelated crimes and the way in which she pulled them both together is what made this novel a really exciting read.

DI Kate Fletcher is called to a scene where the body of a woman has been pulled from a canal. As the investigation into the young woman’s death gets underway, Kate is called back to the station where another young woman has just confessed to the murder of her father. The two cases are both very different. As both investigations progress, Heleyne takes us back in time as we explore what went on in her character’s lives, which ultimately leads to the events which take place in the present day.

The tension in this book never lets up. It is a very quick read and it took me only a day to finish it. As we get to know the background of the story, I really wanted to know how and if the two cases were going to collide. There are some really well developed characters in this book and I liked that Heleyne gave them a real psychological depth; I had this feeling particularly with Caroline. There are definitely some characters that will get under your skin and I also thought it was interesting how Heleyne played with the feelings of the reader towards them. There were times when my opinions of the characters at the centre of the novel kept changing and this is what made the book a really engrossing read.

DI Kate Fletcher is certainly an exciting addition to the crime fiction world and I’m looking forward to finding out more about her. This was a really enjoyable novel from Heleyne Hammersley. Thank you to Sarah Hardy at Bloodhound Books for inviting me to take part in the tour and for providing me with a copy of the book to read via Netgalley.

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Publication date: 23rd May 2018

Print length: 298 pages