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What do you do when someone takes advantage of your greatest weakness?

When Laura wakes up after her office Christmas party and sees a man’s shirt on the floor, she is horrified. But this is no ordinary one-night-stand regret.

Laura suffers from severe face-blindness, a condition that means she is completely unable to identify and remember faces. So the man she spent all night dancing with and kissing – the man she thought she’d brought home – was ‘Pink Shirt’.

But the shirt on her floor is blue.

And now Laura must go to work every day, and face the man who took advantage of her condition. The man she has no way of recognising.

She doesn’t know who he is . . . but she’ll make him pay.


Emma Curtis begins her second novel When I Find You with an really intriguing opening. Laura wakes up the morning after her office Christmas party to find a stranger in her bedroom. Laura suffers from a condition called facial-blindness, also known as Prosopagnosia. She thought she knew who the person was who she brought back to her flat the previous night. Her condition means that Laura has to be able to recognise certain distinguishing features about a person: what they’re wearing or the colour and shape of their hair, but this isn’t always easy. Now she realises that someone may have taken advantage of her condition and tricked her into sleeping with them. The thought leaves her feeling angry and upset, and she tries to uncover who it was who did this to her.

I have only recently become aware of the condition which Emma explores in her latest book. It does make you examine what we take for granted every single day, and it did make me think how difficult it must be for people living with the condition. It did make me think about how it was going to be possible for Laura to get to the truth, which is what made this novel very different.

The novel is told through the perspectives of both Laura and Rebecca, her boss. Rebecca is the only person who knows about Laura’s condition at their office. I think a lot of readers won’t like Rebecca, but I didn’t dislike her as much as I thought I would, although she did make some decisions that I didn’t approve of. Both Laura and Rebecca lead very different lives, and they are both dealing with their own separate problems. It was interesting to see how they would both collide with each other, and this was one of the most gripping aspects of the plot.

As I was reading, I kept thinking about how horrible it must be for Laura; she has been taken advantage of, but she doesn’t know who it was. I think I had my suspicions about everyone in the advertisement agency where she worked, and I felt as though I couldn’t trust anyone who worked with her. It does give the novel a unique look at a crime that has taken place, but I could see that Emma had also impeccably researched the condition.

The ending of the book is so chilling. I thought how Emma tied everything up was done well, and it makes for a satisfying conclusion. When I Find You was a really enjoyable second novel from Emma Curtis. I’m looking forward to seeing what she writes next.

Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and to the publisher and Netgalley for the advance review copy.

Publisher: Transworld Digital

Publication date: 1st July 2018

Print length: 384 pages



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