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Don’t let them catch you…

A Deadly Hunt
DS ‘Heck’ Heckenburg has been tasked with retrieving one of the UK’s most wanted men. But the trail runs cold when Heck discovers a video tape showing the fugitive in a fight for his life. A fight he has no chance of winning.

A Dangerous Game
Heck realises that there’s another player in this game of cat and mouse, and this time, they’ve not just caught the prize: they’ve made sure no one else ever does.

A Man Who Plays With Fire
How far will Heck and his team go to protect some of the UK’s most brutal killers? And what price is he willing to pay?


As I’m sitting here writing this review, my mind keeps flicking back to that ending. I had heard that the ending of this book was going to be quite something and Paul Finch really did deliver. Wow, did he get the adrenaline pumping and now I really want to talk about it with someone, but I definitely can’t say anything about it here. No, you’ll just have to read the book for yourself to find out what happens and if you are a long-time fan of these books and the characters, like me, be prepared to be in for a shock.

Kiss of Death is the seventh book in the DS Mark Heckenburg series. I have been a huge fan of this series since I read Stalkers a couple of years ago and I have read every book since. In the latest book, Heck seems to be at a bit of a loose end in his career and he is tempted to move to a different squad, when the position of a DI arises, particularly as their budget continues to be eaten up by police cuts. This is a theme which runs through the book. You can see that Mark still has strong feelings for his boss, Gemma Piper, otherwise known as The Lioness by her team at Scotland Yard. Over the course of these novels you have been able to see that he has never quite forgiven himself for letting Gemma go after they had a short relationship when they were young police officers. Their relationship has always interested me and Gemma is a character who I find fascinating.

As Heck and the rest of the squad continue to remain uncertain about their future, they are tasked with tracking down some of the UK’s most wanted criminals who have gone on the run. And as their investigation into the missing criminals deepens, it takes a very disturbing path. You don’t realise quite how the investigations are going to pan out at the beginning but Paul really pulls the different strands together well.

If you are new to this series then be prepared for an action packed and tense ride. Kiss of Death can easily be read as stand-alone, but I really would recommend going back and starting this series from the beginning. They are all brilliant stories and you will get a lot more enjoyment out of the plot if you see how Paul’s characters have developed over the course of the series.

Heck is such a brilliant character. It was my work colleague who actually first introduced me to these books as Heck is also one of her favourite characters in crime fiction. Unpredictable is one word to describe Heck. He isn’t a police officer who will keenly follow orders, but as Gemma says, he does get results which is why he is sometimes given free reigns on a case. He is an officer who will fight for justice even if it means putting his own life and the lives of others around him at risk. Heck is also a character who you will root for right from the start.

Once you finish reading this book you really will be desperate to read the next book straight away. I know I’ll be first in the queue to read it and I’ll be thinking about what’s happening to Paul’s characters right up until then. Thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and for providing me with a copy of the book to read via Netgalley.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 9th August 2018

Print length: 464 pages



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