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Caroline Atkinson is powerless and angry. She has lost more than most – her marriage, her reputation, even her children. Then one day, she receives an unusual delivery: lost luggage belonging to the very man who is responsible, her estranged husband Jack.

In a leather holdall, Caroline unearths a dark secret, one that finally confirms her worst suspicions. Jack has kept a detailed diary of all his affairs; every name, every meeting, every lie is recorded. He even marks the women out of ten.

Caroline decides it’s time to even the score. She will make this man pay, even if it means risking everything…


Wow, I was so engrossed in this book. As I was reading Perfect Ten I kept thinking that Caroline Atkinson really wasn’t a person who you would want to get on the wrong side of. She is a character intent on getting revenge on her husband who has destroyed her life and taken her children from her. And Caroline is absolutely determined to get what she wants, whatever the cost. As the plot developed, I really couldn’t blame her for wanting to go down this path. This is a top notch psychological thriller. I’m going to be first in the queue for Jacqueline Ward’s next novel.

Jacqueline has created a really dislikeable character in Caroline’s ex-husband, Jack, I couldn’t believe some of the things I was reading about the things he did to Caroline while they were together and what he has subsequently put her through. He is a character who I think will anger many readers I wanted to see what means Caroline was going to use to bring him down and how she was going to succeed in getting her children back, or indeed if she ever would. This was part of the thrill in uncovering what was going to happen next to Jacqueline’s characters.

There isn’t a lot of dialogue in this book but that really didn’t bother me as I was reading as I found the main character’s voice to be so strong and I loved the style in which it was written. The writing pulls you into the story from the first page. The writing is intense, and it made me really focus on what was happening in each scene. Once I started reading, I found that I just wanted to forget about everything else and read as much as I could.

Perfect Ten is an utterly addictive psychological thriller. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. If you’re looking for a new writer with a really strong voice, then I highly recommend it. Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and to the publisher for sending me a copy of the book to review.

Publisher: Corvus

Publication date: 5th July 2018

Print length: 320 pages




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