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The Lost Child: A gripping detective thriller with a heart-stopping twist (Detective Lottie Parker Book 3) by [Gibney, Patricia]


‘Let me out! Please…’ My tiny fists pound the door, but my voice reverberates off the stone walls and hangs in the air as if suspended by spider’s webs. No one comes…

Years later, a woman is found face-down in a pool of blood. Detective Lottie Parker is called to the remote farmhouse in the bleak Irish countryside. Inside, she finds a scene that speaks of uncontrollable rage: glasses smashed, chairs ripped apart, the woman’s body broken.

A black rain jacket makes Lottie think she knows the killer’s identity, but then she finds a disturbing clue: is the murder linked to an old case at St Declan’s asylum? A case investigated by her own father, just before he took his life.

When another victim is left without her tongue on the hospital steps, and a young girl goes missing, Lottie knows she has to act fast. Can she face her own demons and uncover the truth before another life is taken?


Wow, that bombshell that Patricia Gibney dropped at the end of this book. I just thought I would put that at the start of my review as I am still trying to come to terms with what I have just read. It has made me download the next book in the series straight away.

I really am kicking myself that I have fallen behind on this rather excellent crime series by Patricia Gibney. With the fifth book being published next month I thought it was high time that I caught up. It’s been great catching up with Detective Lottie Parker and her work partner Detective Mark Boyd again and seeing where they all are with their lives. Lottie is a character who has steadily grown on me; she is a character who has faced terrible times recently; still struggling to get over the death of her husband who died several years earlier, Lottie is turning once again to alcohol to solve her problems. You can see the tremendous effect that her misfortunes have had on her, and in this book, you can see that she is not quite on the other side. But she has also got her hands full at home with her new grandson taking up most of her time.

In The Lost Child, the discovery of the body of an elderly woman in her daughter’s home marks the start of a twisty investigation that opens up many different avenues for Lottie and her team to get to grips with. What at first appears to be a domestic incident to the police quickly escalates into a series of events, which includes the burning of a cottage; the disappearance of a young girl, and a possible connection to a drugs ring. I was hooked on this story. I wanted to see just how the different strands were going to come together and it was done in a very clever way.

We also have the narrative of a child from the 70s and 80s running through the story, which is how the novel opens. This was what initially gripped me as I wanted to know who this child was and who the person was who was keeping them captive, how would this feed into the events that were taking place in the present day? You immediately get that claustrophobic feeling as you are reading Patricia’s words which sets the tone of the story. The way how this part of the story unfolds at the end of the book is shocking.

What Patricia Gibney does so well in the book is that she weaves a well thought out backstory linking the crimes that are taking place which Lottie is investigating. There is a historical element to her latest book as well; this is another point that makes this book really intriguing; there is always more for Lottie to uncover. The story is very well plotted, and I really liked how everything came together as Lottie and her team finally got to the truth as to why these crimes were happening to the family involved.

What I also liked about this book was Lottie’s relationship with Detective Boyd. There has always been a spark between them and in this book you can see it beginning to grow. Patricia has left me wondering if anything more will come of it. They work really well together; I’m hoping that there could be a future for them.

There are some very harrowing scenes in this book and some gruesome moments which will make your skin crawl, but The Lost Child is an absolutely riveting read that will keep you intrigued. If you’re looking for a crime thriller that is steeped in family secrets and that has an impressive twist, I think you will really enjoy this book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 27th October 2017

Print length: 448 pages


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