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Lies Between Us: a tense psychological thriller with a twist you won’t see coming by [Turner, Ronnie]

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John has a perfect life, until the day his daughter goes missing.

Maisie cares for her patients, but hides her own traumatic past.

Miller should be an innocent child, but is obsessed with something he can’t have.

They all have something in common, though none of them know it – and the truth won’t stay hidden for long . . .

A gripping psychological thriller for fans of Clare Mackintosh, Shari Lapena and Lisa Jewell.


Ronnie Turner’s debut Lies Between Us is a compelling and unsettling read that had me hooked from the beginning. I was really impressed by her first novel. There is a real psychological depth to Ronnie’s characters in this book, and they all have unique voices which made this book so easy to get into.

Told from the viewpoints of Miller, John and Maisie, we meet three characters who will make you care about what is going to happen to them, and who will also horrify you as the inner workings of their minds are revealed.

The first voice we are introduced to is Miller, a disturbed individual. We learn a lot about Miller’s early life and I could understand how perhaps he came to be the character he is. There were times when I did feel sorry for him and this was down to Ronnie’s skill as the writer as she peered into his psychology. Ronnie tells his story over different time periods, I thought this was handled really well, and I didn’t at any point feel lost.

The two other leads are John and Maisie. John is absolutely besotted by his daughter, Bonnie, but the family are left devastated when Bonnie disappears. It appears the police have very few leads to follow and this drives John and his wife to despair. I could really feel their grief as I was reading and Ronnie captured the emotion the family felt so well on the page. Maisie is working as a nurse, and she is currently caring for a patient, Tim, who is now in a coma after he was horrifically attacked. Maisie also has an intriguing back story which Ronnie slowly reveals. All three characters have a connection, but you don’t realise what that connection is until you are close to the end. And the way in which Ronnie pulled her plot together was so, so clever. I kept trying to stay ahead of the game by thinking how the characters could possibly be connected, at one point I did think I had it all worked out, but Ronnie totally managed to surprise me with the final revelations.

Lies Between Us is a book that will keep you enthralled and engaged in the characters. The tension builds as we race towards the finale and those final chapters will keep you turning the pages. I was desperate to know what the outcome for the characters was going to be and I wanted to find out who had kidnapped Bonnie. This is a strong debut from Ronnie and I can’t wait to read what she writes next.

Publisher: HQ Digital

Publication date: 1st October 2018

Print length: 259 pages




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