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I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour for Fran Dorricott’s debut novel After the Eclipse. I also have a copy of the book to giveaway, check out my Twitter page for your chance to win a copy. All you have to do is RT my pinned post on my twitter profile @collinsjacob115 and follow my account before Monday, 4th March 2019. One winner will be drawn at random. Good luck!

After the Eclipse by [Dorricott, Fran]


A little girl is abducted during the darkness of a solar eclipse. Her older sister was supposed to be watching her. She is never seen again.

Sixteen years later and in desperate need of a fresh start, journalist Cassie Warren moves back to the small town of Bishop’s Green to live with her ailing grandmother. When a local girl goes missing just before the next big eclipse, Cassie suspects the disappearance is connected to her sister – that whoever took Olive is still out there. But she needs to find a way to prove it, and time is running out.


After the Eclipse is a harrowing tale from debut writer Fran Dorricott, telling the story of two missing girls, sixteen years apart, but both take place against the backdrop of a solar eclipse. It’s a book that I was really looking forward to reading, and it didn’t disappoint.

We meet Cassie who’s younger sister, Olive was abducted during the last solar eclipse that took place in 1997. Since her sister disappeared, Cassie has been racked with guilt, blaming herself for not looking after her properly and giving someone the opportunity to take her. Sixteen years later and Cassie is moving back to her home town, and another young girl is missing. She’s convinced that the girl has been taken by the same person who took Olive, is she finally about to find out what happened to her missing sister all those years ago?

At its heart, this is quite an emotive tale, and the grief of Olive’s family plays very strongly. I could feel the loss that Cassie feels for her sister and her desperate need to find out what had happened to her. You can’t really begin to imagine what families in these situations are going through. As I was reading the book, it did make me think of the Jaycee Dugard case in America, who was held captive by her kidnapper for eighteen years before she escaped.

Using the solar eclipses made this novel feel quite atmospheric, I thought this was done very well, and it gave the story a much darker tone, creating an impending sense of doom that made me feel nervous for the characters in the book. We also get to see events which took place at the time Olive disappeared, and Fran constantly kept me thinking how things were going to pan out for Olive as I got to learn more and more about what had taken place.

I was desperate to find out who had committed the crime and if the two cases were in fact linked as Cassie suspected. Why would they want to take another child sixteen years later, risking the chances of them getting caught? What was their motive here?

After the Eclipse completely gripped me from start to finish. Fran Dorricott is a talented writer who I am excited to read more from.

Thank you to Sarah Mather at Titan Books for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher: Titan Books

Publication date: 5th March 2019

Print length: 400 pages

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