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On my blog today I’m sharing a guest post from author Stewart Giles about his new crime thriller, Miranda as part of the blog tour.

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‘My name is Miranda. I’ll be twenty-eight-years old soon, and I’m a serial murderer.’

‘I might just kill again!’

From #1 bestseller Stewart Giles comes a completely stand-alone psychological thriller that you don’t want to miss.

Miranda is a unique read, the best book yet by Stewart Giles.  Sentenced to life in a secure hospital for the murder of 12 people Miranda tells her story.

In the meantime, the reader is transported back to the time of the murders as we follow DI Keene and her team along the many twists, turns and dead ends as they try to find the murderer of several unrelated victims.

This is an edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline pumping read that will have you turning the pages all the way to the totally unexpected ending.

Buckle up this is a bumpy ride



Miranda is a ruthless killer, yet I still believe one can still feel some sympathy for her. We never really know whether to side with her or not and I think that’s what makes the book different. She’s also a bit of an enigma, in that we never really understand what turned her into what she became. She’s a highly intelligent, if somewhat devious woman, but she also shows moments of extreme empathy towards those who have been wronged.

Detective Inspector Patricia Keene is not unlike Miranda in many ways. Driven and determined, she refuses to stop until she’s found out the truth.

Her team respect and admire her, and she will never ask anything of anybody she’s not willing to do herself.  She’s totally dedicated to her work, and I believe if the circumstances were different, Keene and Miranda could actually become good friends.

My aim with Miranda was to create a scenario where there are actually two protagonists and you are never really sure which one you ought to root for.


Thank you to Jill at Books n All Book Promotions for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and to Stewart for taking the time to write a guest post.

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