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I’m thrilled to be joining the blog tour today for The Innocent Ones by Neil White, the third and final book in the Dan Grant and Jayne Brett series.

The Innocent Ones: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with a shocking twist (Dan Grant and Jayne Brett Book 3) by [White, Neil]


Three lives cut short. Two decades of silence. One evil secret.

By day, the park rings with the sound of children’s excited laughter. But in the early hours of the morning, the isolated playground is cloaked in shadows – the perfect hiding place to conceal a brutal murder.

When London journalist, Mark Roberts, is found battered to death, the police quickly arrest petty thief, Nick Connor. Criminal defence lawyer, Dan Grant, along with investigator Jayne Brett, are called to represent him – but with bloody footprints and a stolen wallet linking him to the scene, this is one case they’re unlikely to win.

Until help comes from an unlikely source…when the murder victim’s mother says that Connor is innocent, begging Dan and Jayne to find the real perpetrator.

Unravelling the complex case means finding the connection between Mark’s death and a series of child murders in Yorkshire over twenty years ago. Father of two, Rodney Walker, has spent years in prison after being convicted of killing of 6-year-old William and 7-year-old Ruby back in 1997.

But when Mark Roberts gets on the trail of the story, convinced that Walker is innocent, he exposed secrets that have long been buried. Secrets so dark, someone will kill to keep them hidden.

Dan and Jayne are in a race against time to uncover the truth – before a killer silences them forever.


Neil White’s The Innocent Ones is perhaps one of the most gripping thrillers I’ve read this year. Although it’s the third and final book in the Jayne Brett and the Dan Grant series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. Split over two time periods, in 1997 and in the present day, Neil has constructed a cleverly thought out tale that will have you constantly questioning how everything is going to come together, and I loved how this was done.

Two weeks before the trial is about to begin, lawyer Dan Grant is asked to represent Nick Connor who is on trial for the murder of journalist Mark Roberts. But Dan is shocked when he receives a visit from the victim’s mother, who tells him that she doesn’t believe that Nick killed her son and that the real killer is still out there.

This is a really pacy and addictive read. As Neil White switched between the past and the present I wanted to know just how everything was going to be connected. In the town where Nick Connor was found beaten to death, twenty years earlier two children were murdered. The police believe that they have the right person responsible for the crime, and he confessed at the time of the murders, but what if Mark was just starting to get to the real truth just before his quest was brutally cut short?

Jayne Brett and Dan Grant are such a fantastic team. I recently read the first book in this trilogy, I haven’t yet got round to reading the second, and I liked them both straight away. In this book, I had the feeling that everyone was hiding secrets and this is what made this read very exciting. Dan and Jayne both sail really close to danger in this book as they attempt to get to the truth, but nothing will put them off getting answers, even when both of their lives are threatened.

This is a brilliant legal thriller. I’m sad that we won’t get to see Jayne and Dan again, but I’m very excited to read whatever Neil comes up with next. If you haven’t read Neil’s work before and if you’re looking for a read that will keep you gripped right the way through then I would definitely recommend this book.

Publisher: Hera Books

Publication date: 24th April 2019

Print length: 383 pages

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