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I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour today for Sarah Hilary’s latest DI Marnie Rome novel, Never Be Broken, with thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part.


Children are dying on London’s streets. Frankie Reece, stabbed through the heart, outside a corner shop. Others recruited from care homes, picked up and exploited; passed like gifts between gangs. They are London’s lost.
Then Raphaela Belsham is killed. She’s thirteen years old, her father is a man of influence, from a smart part of town. And she’s white. Suddenly, the establishment is taking notice.
DS Noah Jake is determined to handle Raphaela’s case and Frankie’s too. But he’s facing his own turmoil, and it’s becoming an obsession. DI Marnie Rome is worried, and she needs Noah on side. Because more children are disappearing, more are being killed by the day and the swelling tide of violence needs to be stemmed before it’s too late.

NEVER BE BROKEN is a stunning, intelligent and gripping novel which explores how the act of witness alters us, and reveals what lies beneath the veneer of a glittering city.


Never Be Broken by Sarah Hilary is such an outstanding read; it’s powerful, heartbreaking and it will make you think about just what is going on in London at the moment. It’s definitely a book that will stay with me.

It’s tragic to think that when we hear of the latest violent crime that has taken place on the streets in London, that sometimes it’s not even shocking any more. It seems that there is little end to the violence that is plaguing the capital in sight and that it is getting more difficult for the police to maintain control. In her latest Marnie Rome thriller, Sarah Hilary paints a vivid portrayal of just how many young people are being drawn into this dangerous world and how easy it is to become a part of it.

London is often portrayed as a wealthy, glistening city, attracting investment from all around the world, but often brushed over, there is a very different picture. DI Marnie Rome and her partner, DS Noah Jake are investigating after a young girl, Raphael Belsham has been shot and killed in the streets. Her family are distraught, and they tell the detectives how she was the perfect daughter who always did as she was told, but all this is about to change when Noah makes an unsettling discovery. Alongside Raphael there are many unsolved cases which Noah determined to solve.

After the end of the last book in the series, Sarah left me reeling after the final revelations which have deeply affected Noah and he is feeling an incredible sense of guilt in this book. I’m not going to reveal any details about this here, but I would recommend at least reading Come and Find Me to get more of an understanding of what is going on in Marnie and Noah’s lives. I’ve read all the books in this series, and they all work well as individual stories, but to learn more about their characters and their backgrounds I would definitely recommend reading them all.

Sarah Hilary’s books are always thought-provoking, with each new instalment I become more and more interested in Marnie’s relationship with her foster brother, Stephen, who is in prison for murdering her parents. But after reading this book, it has left me wondering if this is the last we are going to be seeing of Marnie and Noah, at least for a while, perhaps. But whatever Sarah Hilary writes next I am sure I will read it as I am such a huge fan of her writing.

Totally gripping right the way through, Never Be Broken is immensely good. I could have read this in a heartbeat, but I really wanted to savour it as I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could. I’ll be definitely waiting with bated breath for Sarah Hilary’s next book.

Publisher: Headline

Publication date: 16th May 2019

Print length: 368 pages

If you would like to purchase Never Be Broken, you can do so by clicking on one of the following links below.

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