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Today I’m joining the blog tour for The Copycat by Jake Woodhouse, with thanks to Sriya Varadharajan at Penguin for inviting me to take part.


A detective on the edge. A case that might take him over it. Get ready for the gripping new Inspector Rykel thriller.

Jaap Rykel is on the brink, his dark past driving him to breaking point – and ending his police career.

Visiting the station one last time, he stumbles across an investigation into a particularly violent murder. A murder where the details exactly match a case he solved years earlier.

But that killer was caught – and is still in prison.

Is there a copycat killer on the loose, playing games with Rykel’s fragile mind? Or did he get it wrong, and send an innocent man to prison?

This might be his last chance to make things right – or it could be the blow that finally takes him over the edge . . .


The Copycat by Jake Woodhouse had such a chilling and gripping opening, it had me hooked right away, and I devoured the first hundred pages in one go. At the very start, Jake Woodhouse creates such an unnerving atmosphere, but before we know what the outcome is going to be, he takes us back in time to a few days earlier when things really start to go wrong for our lead character. We see a man under the control of a scary individual who has lead him deep into woods at gunpoint. After this point, we begin to get the full picture of just what is going on here.

This is a book which I found very difficult to put down, the pace flowed swiftly along, and I think this was down to the brilliant dialogue. When I first started reading it, I didn’t realise at first that it was the final book in this series, but I had no trouble at all in getting into the story. I really liked Jaap Rykel. He goes through a lot of emotions in this book, but he doesn’t allow anything to get in his way of seeing through the case he is working on. He certainly doesn’t care about risking his own reputation.

Jaap is at a sticky point in his career. He is a man living on the edge and it is driving him towards the end of his time in the police force. But as he takes the next step towards his retirement from the force, disturbing details about a new case emerges which takes him back to a dark time. A young woman has been found brutally murdered in a shocking way that puts the police in mind of an investigation that took place several years earlier which Jaap headed up. But Jaap caught the guy responsible, and he is in prison, serving a life sentence. Was it just possible that he made a mistake all those years ago and that the real killer is still out there? Or is someone else, a copycat, at large?

One thing which Jaap struggles with a lot is PTSD, and he often has blackouts and distressing visions. This was written in a very believable way, and it did create some intense moments in the story. In a way, this also makes him an unreliable narrator as when certain events take place, he isn’t sure if he wasn’t somehow involved. I felt for him a lot, especially when he began to consider the possibility that he made a mistake in the original investigation seven years previously and you can see just how much this affects him.

As the book progressed, I could begin to see the reasons why the perpetrator was killing their victims. But I also wanted to know what the outcome was going to be for Jaap after reading that opening scene, and this is what kept me on my toes and turning those pages.

This was a totally gripping book with very engaging writing. I can’t wait to read more from Jake Woodhouse, including catching up on the previous books in this series. I can highly recommend it.

Publisher: Penguin

Publication date: 30th May 2019

Print length: 416 pages

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