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I’m thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour today for Now You See Me by Chris McGeorge. With thanks to Tracy Fenton from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to take part.


Six people went in. Only one came out…

Introducing Standedge Tunnel: the longest canal tunnel in England.

Last year six students went in, and two and a half hours later, the boat reappeared on the other side with only one of the students, unconscious, and the dog.

The case of the Standedge Six was largely kept from the national media. The police investigation concluded that the only remaining student, Matthew, killed his friends, hid the bodies on the boat and returned later to move them to an undisclosed location.

Matthew is in prison . . . but maintains he is innocent.

Robert Ferringham is grieving for his missing wife, Sam. So when Matthew contacts him for help with his case, promising information on Sam, Robert has no choice but to help. But can he trust Matthew?

And how will he solve the insolvable case?


Now You See Me is an addictive page-turner by Chris McGeorge. We meet Robin, a struggling writer who has just released his new memoir about how he has coped with the disappearance of his wife. While at a book signing he receives an anonymous call from a man claiming to have had contact with his wife, a man who is in prison, about to be put on trial for the murder of five people. He is desperate for Robin’s help, and Robin can’t help but be drawn into the mysterious situation. But why would his wife contact a soon to be convicted criminal and not him? Why is this man so desperate for Robin’s help?

Right from the opening, I had questions that I needed to know the answers to. Who was the man who called Robin? Would Robin agree to help him? Chris McGeorge has created an utterly brilliant mystery to follow. I love a mystery where the spotlight shines on a small group of people, in this case, the Standedge five. You know that someone knows the answers to what happened to them the day they went missing in the tunnel, and I kept questioning if the police did, in fact, have the right person.

There’s a claustrophobic feeling as Robin gets closer and closer to the truth and he can sense the residents of the town where the five went missing from, becoming angrier and angrier. They are keen to put the case to bed. The person responsible for the crime was found. They don’t want anyone raking it up again. I really wanted to know if there was anything that the people in the town were hiding, especially those who were closest to the case.

This is the first book I’ve read by Chris McGeorge, and it won’t be my last. Full of mystery and suspense and with a cast of characters who will keep you gripped, this is a really good read; I flew through it. You won’t be disappointed.

Publisher: Orion

Publication date: 13th June 2019

Print length: 302 pages

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