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I’m delighted to be sharing my review of The Lies We Tell by Niki Mackay on my blog today. With thanks to Tracy Fenton from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to take part.


Last night I betrayed my husband.

This morning my daughter disappeared.

My husband may have forgiven my first mistake. But he will never forget this.

And so I have to find her.

Before it’s too late. For all of us.


I really enjoyed meeting Madison Attallee in Niki Mackay’s debut I, Witness so I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for her next. If you are new to this series, it’s certainly possible to read Niki’s latest book as a standalone.

In The Lies We Tell Miriam Jackson’s daughter, Tabitha, has gone missing, but she doesn’t want her husband, who is away on business in America, to know about her disappearance. Miriam, a well-known radio presenter, is fearful for Tabitha’s safety, but she fears if she tells her husband, dark secrets about her past will come to light, and that he won’t forgive her for what she has done. So she enlists the help of Madison Attallee to help find her.

Niki Mackay’s writing is brilliantly immersive. I was pulled into the mystery, and it was great catching up with Madison again. The Lies We Tell is a story with many layers, and I was interested to see them come together. As Miriam’s daughter goes missing in the present, we’re also taken back to 1994 when we hear from a character called Ruby. Ruby is a character who I felt desperately sorry for, and I became really intrigued in her story and how it would affect events happening in the present. And as the novel progresses, Niki Mackay reveals some really dark truths. This was when I became really fearful for Tabitha. I wasn’t sure at all how things were going to pan out for her and if she was going to make it out alive by the ending. I had several guesses along the way as to how events were going to unfold, but Niki successfully thwarted them.

I think the first thing that had me interested in this book was why Miriam didn’t want to tell her husband that their daughter was missing. Surely this would be the first thing, as a parent, you would do, and so I wanted to know what she was so desperate to hang onto in her past, that meant she didn’t want her husband involved in looking for Tabitha. Did it have any link at all to what had happened to her?

There were so many tense scenes throughout this book. What I really like about Madison’s character is, as a private investigator, she can gain the trust of people who otherwise wouldn’t have revealed everything they know to the police. This is the advantage that she can work with. I also liked the close relationship she has with the rest of the team who work with her, and I thought the scenes when she is with them at her offices were really well written.

Niki Mackay’s latest book has a clever and intricately woven plot. There are some heartbreaking revelations which really did make me feel for the characters. Very intriguing and addictive, this book comes totally recommended from me.

Publisher: Orion

Publication date: 27th June 2019

Print length: 336 pages

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