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I’m delighted to be sharing my review of Gone by Leona Deakin as part of the blog tour today on my blog. With thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part.


Four strangers are missing. Left at their last-known locations are birthday cards that read:


The police aren’t worried – it’s just a game. But the families are frantic. As psychologist and private detective Dr Augusta Bloom delves into the lives of the missing people, she finds something that binds them all.

And that something makes them very dangerous indeed.

As more disappearances are reported and new birthday cards uncovered, Dr Bloom races to unravel the mystery and find the missing people.

But what if, this time, they are the ones she should fear?


Gone is a brilliant and a very immersive debut by Leona Deakin which takes the reader on a scary but fascinating journey into the mind of a psychopath. It has a really chilling premise, what if the missing are the people you should be afraid of? Once I read the blurb for this book, I knew it was one I had to read as soon as possible. And you can definitely label me a fan of Leona’s writing.

Four people across the country have disappeared. The one thing that seems to connect them all is a card found where they went missing from, inviting them to play a game. There is also a message on the card wishing them a happy first birthday. Something is going on here behind the scenes, and it is clear that these cases aren’t going to be an easy task for the police to solve. After Dr Augusta Bloom and her colleague, Marcus Jameson, are contacted by a concerned relative of one of the missing, they begin an investigation. What they discover as they peer into the lives of the disappeared is something far more chilling than they ever thought possible.

The opening of Gone was so gripping. We witness an attack on a school caretaker, after a student, Seraphine, stabs him in the neck with a pencil. She claims she acted under self-defence to protect herself and her friend. Now Seraphine was such an intriguing character to explore, and I think she is going to fascinate a lot of readers. I could never be sure if she was telling the truth when she talks about why she committed the act at the school. I also found her to be such an unpredictable character. This is what made her so fascinating. We are also then introduced to Dr Augusta Bloom. Augusta is a psychologist who is trying to get to the bottom of Seraphine’s behaviour and work out why she did what she did. But what develops on from here is something which I never expected at the start of the novel. After I read more and more of the book, I wanted to know if Seraphine’s story was somehow going to connect with those of the missing people.

I really engaged with Dr Augusta Bloom. I could see that she really connected with the cases of the missing people. I liked her determination to get to the bottom of what was going on, even though she wasn’t a police officer. Augusta is such an intriguing individual, and I don’t think that Leona Deakin has revealed everything about her yet. She is a character who I would definitely like to see Leona return to.

There is also Augusta’s friendship with her partner Marcus which I also really liked. Marcus is ex MI6, which makes him another compelling character. Although Marcus is Augusta’s business partner, he is also very much a comfort to her and a friend. She admits in the book that she relies on his company and humour.

Gone is a fascinating, but a very chilling read which will make you think about the people you know a little more carefully. This did feel very fresh and different to recent psychological thrillers I have read, which made it a real winner for me. A top read from Leona Deakin, I’m definitely intrigued to read more.

Publisher: Black Swan

Publication date: 9th August 2019

Print length: 372 pages

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