The Death Knock by Elodie Harper #bookreview

The Death Knock is a read I’ve been meaning to get to now for a while. This is the second thriller by Elodie Harper and if you love a combination of crime and horror you will love her books.


Three women have been found dead in East Anglia. The police deny a connection. TV news reporter Frankie smells a story…

Ava knows that the threat is real. She’s been kidnapped by someone claiming to be the killer: a stranger who seems to know everything about her.

As Frankie follows the case, she enters a terrifying online world where men’s rage against women may be turning murderous – and where her persistence might just make her a target. And Ava must struggle not only to stay alive… but to stay sane.

From journalist Elodie Harper, The Death Knock is a compelling story of the worst that man can do and the hunt for the truth – at all costs.


I’m a huge fan of Elodie Harper’s writing. The Death Knock is a chilling serial killer thriller. Elodie Harper creates a claustrophobic atmosphere in her opening chapter, as Ava wakes up in an enclosed space, the terrifying truth dawns on her when she realises that she has been kidnapped. Ava knows that there is a slim possibility that she will make it out of this situation alive. We really get the sense that she is helpless in the position that she is in and as much as I wanted her to survive, I could see that this wasn’t very likely.

The story follows TV journalist, Frankie Latch, who works for the Eastern Film Company based in East Anglia. Frankie is one of the first journalists to report on the discovery of a body. The victim is believed to have been killed by a serial killer. But as Frankie begins to report on the case, someone begins to stalk her. Frankie is terrified when her address appears online as part of a forum praising the killer. Her decision to continue to report on the killings puts her in a perilous position that could threaten her safety. But she isn’t someone who will go away quietly and wait until it’s safe to come out again.

What I like about Elodie’s writing is that she combines horror and crime, which make her books sinister reads. I connected with Ava as she fought to survive. Elodie tells the book partly from her point of view, and as we hear more from her thoughts, I was rooting for her to get free, even though it seemed impossible. She is clever and knows how to keep her captor engaged, but all the while, she is anxious that each moment with him might be her last. She knows he has killed before and won’t hesitate to do so again.

I liked Frankie as well, and I engaged with her as she set about investigating the disappearances and crimes that have taken place. She is cautious, though about not overstepping the mark, but she is determined to help bring the person responsible to justice. As her investigations deepened, there were a few people who I had suspicions about, and Elodie kept me guessing as the plot developed. But she kept the real killer masked until the final pages when the book was wrapped up in a tense finale that had me turning the pages faster and faster.

The Death Knock is an utterly compelling and a sinister read. What I also loved about it was the Norfolk landscape which Elodie described so well in her previous book. It draws you further in and makes it very atmospheric. An easy five stars from me. I can’t wait to read more from Elodie Harper in the future.

Publisher: Mulholland Books

Publication date: 12th July 2018

Print length: 336 pages

The Death Knock is available to buy:

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