A Knock at the Door by T. W. Ellis #bookreview

I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on A Knock at the Door by T. W. Ellis which is released in e-book today. T. W. Ellis is a pseudonym for bestselling author, Tom Wood, who is known for his Victor novels.

A Knock at the Door by [T.W. Ellis]


They ask for your husband. They just want to talk. THEY’RE LYING.

Your husband isn’t who he says he is, say the people at your door. Come with us.

Don’t trust them, says a voice on the phone. Run.

Who would you believe?

In this terrifying first psychological thriller by bestselling author T.W. Ellis, one woman goes on the run and is forced to question everything she held dear . . .


There’s action on every single page in T. W. Ellis’s A Knock at the Door and the pace never slows down. T.W. Ellis is a pseudonym for Tom Wood. I haven’t read any of his boos before, but now I’ll be catching up on his Victor novels. These books have been lingering on my TBR pile for far too long.

Jem Talhoffer’s life is turned upside down when two strange visitors turn up at her house, not long after her husband, Leo has left to travel to England. In a split second, she learns that her husband isn’t the man who she thought she knew and that her whole marriage has been a lie. Now there are some very dangerous individuals who want to kill her for whatever mess her husband has got himself caught up in. Jem must fight for survival.

T. W. Ellis has created a belter of a thriller that had me completely and utterly hooked. I don’t think I’ve ever raced through a book quite so fast. I wanted to know what it was that Leo was involved in, and it seems very clear that his wife can’t trust anyone. This is the real hook of the novel. Jem has to believe that she can trust her husband, but why have these people turned up? Why is she suddenly being targeted when her husband is out of the country?

Jem is in a very perilous situation which is not her fault, and I wanted to see how things were going to pan out for her. It seemed as though Jem was very much on her own, and even the people who she felt she could turn to, I still wasn’t sure if she should trust them. There’s a real sense of time ticking towards an explosive finale as Jem races to find out the truth, and the final scenes bring some shocking reveals that I didn’t see coming.

This is a perfect read if you’re looking for an escape, the writing will pull you into the story and keep you there. Highly recommended!

Publisher: Sphere

Publication date: 7th May 2020 (kindle) 9th July 2020 (hardcover)

Print length: 384 pages

A Knock at the Door is available to buy:

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