I Know What I Saw by S.K. Sharp #bookreview

On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the new novel by S.K. Sharp, I Know What I Saw.

I Know What I Saw: A perfect memory. A perfect murder. by [S K Sharp]


She remembers everything.
She understands nothing.

Only a handful of people in the world have a truly perfect memory. Nicola is one of them. It’s more of a curse than a blessing – every moment of sadness, embarrassment and unhappiness is burned into her mind forever – so she plays it down, and tries to live a quiet life.

But a body has been found, a discovery that threatens to tear her community apart – and reopen old wounds from decades ago.

Nicola was a child, but she remembers the night with perfect clarity. Despite that, she never discovered the truth of what happened.

Now she must use her unique memory to solve the murder, or watch the man she loved be wrongly convicted of the crime…


Imagine being able to remember every single day of your life, the good and the bad ones. This is the remarkable condition Nicola has in I Know What I Saw by S.K. Sharp. I’ve read about people having this condition before, and it makes me wonder if this is a blessing or a curse. Would you like to be able to remember every single day of your life? I’m not sure if I would or not, although I would have loved to have had a photographic memory at school to help out in exams.

When Nicola receives a bolt out of the blue phone call from the police, it rakes up old memories. Her former partner, Declan, has been arrested for the murder of his father. His father’s body has been found thirty years after he went missing on his fiftieth birthday in 1985. He makes contact with Nicola because he knows she has vital information that might help clear his name. But doing that will be no easy task.

This was a really pacy read. The dialogue between the characters is engaging, and it propels the novel forwards. I wanted to know what information Nicola could have that might help clear her former partner’s name. Would she be willing to help him, given that he cheated on her in the past?

The race to get answers keeps the tension turning up a notch as Nicola fights to clear her Declan’s name. Even though their relationship broke down many years ago, you can see that they still care for each other.

S.K. Sharp keeps turning the tension up a notch as the picture becomes clearer, and Nicola realises who was really responsible for the murder of Declan’s father. The frustrating thing for Nicola is that although she can remember Declan’s father was murdered clearly in her mind, she can’t quite piece together the full picture. But her ability to be able to remember everything certainly helps to fill in some of the gaps.

I Know What I Saw quickly pulled me into the story, and I was keen to find out what happened all those years ago in 1985 to Declan’s father and who was responsible. It’s a gripping read which I would definitely recommend to lovers of psychological thrillers.

Publisher: Arrow

Publication date: 28th January 2021

Print length: 400 pages

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