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On my blog today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the new novel by Felicia Yap, Future Perfect. With thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to take part.

Future Perfect: The Most Exciting High-Concept Novel of the Year by [Felicia Yap]


What if today was your last day…

A bomb has exploded during a fashion show, killing a beautiful model on the catwalk. The murderer is still at large… and he may strike again. Yet this is the least of Police Commissioner Christian Verger’s worries. His fiancée Viola has left him. He has to keep his tumultuous past a secret. To make things worse, his voice assistant Alexa is 99.74% sure he will die tomorrow.

Moving from snowy 1980s Montana to chic 1990s Manhattan to a drone-filled 2030s Britain, FUTURE PERFECT is an electrifying race to solve a murder before it’s too late. Yet it is also a love story, a riveting portrait of a couple torn apart by secrets, grief and guilt. A twisted tale of how the past can haunt a person’s future and be used to predict if he will die… or kill.


I was a huge fan of Felicia Yap’s debut novel, Yesterday when I read it a few years ago now, and I couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with next. Her second novel, Future Perfect, is an imaginative, immersive and a very fresh psychological thriller.

What would you do if you were told that today was going to be your last day? Future Perfect is set in the year 2030 in Britain. It’s quite scary to think that 2030 is less than a decade from now. In Felicia Yap’s future version of reality, our lives are controlled by apps more than ever. There is even an app called I-Predict, which accurately predicts how your day will pan out. It drives people to the point of obsession as well. They have to make sure they follow everything down to a T, the app says is going to happen, they go out of their way to make its predictions come true. But what happens when you wake up one morning, and it says “chances of dying 99.74%?” How would you react?

This is what happens to Christian, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. It is also the same day, renowned fashion designer, Alexander King, plans to host a fashion show in London. The fashion show follows a catastrophic event when one of his models was killed on stage at an event in New York just the day before. There are concerns that another attack might take place in London. What is even more concerning is that there are several high profile models taking part, including the Prime Ministers daughter.

I loved the concept in Future Perfect. From the moment when Christian sees his prediction on the app, I wanted to know how things were going to plan out for him. What was going to happen at the fashion show? Who had been responsible for the attack in New York? Christian knows that the app’s predictions are highly likely to come true, and so he is on edge from that moment onwards. I could feel this tension growing as the book raced towards its conclusion.

I loved how Felicia Yap went back to two different timelines throughout the book. There are some very disturbing scenes which take place in America in the 1970s and Manhattan in the 1990s. I wanted to know how the events taking place in the past were connected to the events taking place in the future.

Future Perfect is very cleverly plotted. I loved how Felicia Yap weaved everything together. It makes for a very entertaining read. This is a high-concept read which I would highly recommend if you’re looking for something a bit different in the psychological thriller genre. It is also scary to think how some of the futuristic ideas Felicia Yap explores are very close to becoming a real possibility. I really enjoyed it!

Publisher: Wildfire

Publication date: 18th March 2021

Print length: 343 pages

Future Perfect is available to buy:

Amazon UK Kobo Waterstones


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  2. Great review, Jacob. Sounds like an interesting, entertaining read. The concept of a future where Apps can do such a thing sounds scary but kinda realistic in a twisted way. I like the sound of this one.

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