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On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the latest book in the DI Alex Finn series by Will Shindler, The Killing Choice.

The Killing Choice: Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month ‘Riveting’ (DI Alex Finn 2) by [Will Shindler]


‘Leave your daughter with me, or I will kill you both’

It felt like a normal Friday evening before Karl and his daughter Leah were ambushed by a figure in a blank mask. At knife point, Karl is forced to make an impossible choice. Stay and die, or walk away from Leah and take this thug’s word that they both will live.

Should Karl trust a villain and leave his daughter with a knife at her throat? Could he ever live with himself if he did?

It’s not long before more seemingly unconnected and innocent people across London are offered a deal in exchange for their life. More blood is spilled, more families shattered, and more people are left to suffer with the consequences of their decisions.

DI Alex Finn and DC Mattie Paulsen must hunt for a killer that appears to have no face, no motive and no conscience before more victims are forced to make their choice.


The Killing Choice is the second book in Will Shindler’s DI Alex Finn series, and I think I’ve definitely found a new favourite crime series. Alex and his team are investigating a complex case and a very horrifying and disturbing one. A man and his daughter are targeted in a park during an evening walk. The perpetrator makes one command that the dad leaves his daughter behind. The victims are both horrified and completely terrified. If they don’t do as he says, the perpetrator will kill them both. His daughter pleads with her dad to leave her to save them both, he reluctantly does. But before he can get help, he hears a scream. His daughter is dead.

I was really intrigued by the premise of this book. I wanted to know what the killer’s motive here was. From the outset, it appears that there isn’t a motive. The victims and the killer don’t know each other at all. There’s no connection which the police can quickly look at, which might explain what is happening. What makes the scenario here all the more terrifying to them is that this killer could target anyone.

As the press begin to report on the case, they pick up very quickly on the fact that the man left behind at the scene left his daughter to die. The press vilifies him, and his own family can’t quite comprehend his actions that night. I was torn between feeling sorry for him and partially agreeing with what members of the press and his family were saying. It’s a question that will definitely make the reader think, what would you do if you were in the same situation? How would you react?

DI Alex Finn is a character who I think many readers will warm to. A year ago, his wife passed away, and he is still struggling to come to terms with the loss. As Will Shindler explores his reaction to the grief, it does make him feel very human, and his emotions come through really well. He throws himself into his work to try and combat the grief, which is what many of us would do in his situation.

Will Shindler pulls the plot of this story together in a very clever way. You can’t quite see how things will come together, but then it does so, and I thought the way he did it was very original.

This is fast becoming one of my favourite new crime series. DI Alex Finn is a fascinating character, and I can’t wait to see how he develops over future books. Police procedural fans, this is a series not to be missed.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Publication date: 11th February 2021

Print length: 405 pages

The Killing Choice is available to buy:

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