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On my blog today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the new novel by B.M. Carroll, You Had It Coming. With thanks to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part.



When paramedic Megan Lowe is called to the scene of an attempted murder, all she can do is try to save the victim. But as the man is lifted onto a stretcher, she realises she knows him. She despises him. Why should she save his life when he destroyed hers?

Jess Foster is on her way home when she receives a text from Megan. Once best friends, the two women haven’t been close for years, not since the night when they were just the teenage girls whom no-one believed; whose reputations were ruined. All Jess can think is, you had it coming.

Now Megan and Jess are at the centre of a murder investigation. But what secrets are they hiding? Can they trust one another? And who really is the victim?


You Had It Coming is the first book by B.M. Carroll, which I have read, and I thought it had such an intriguing premise. I haven’t come across a crime novel before where one of the main characters is a paramedic, which offered a fascinating insight. B.M. Carroll begins to build on the suspense straight away when Megan, a paramedic, is faced with an impossible situation, saving the life of the man who ruined hers.

After we are first introduced to Megan, I wanted to know what had happened in her past. Also, what her link was to William Newson, the man who was nearly killed. I could sense her anger as she realised who the person was who she was treating. B.M. Carroll gradually begins to peel back the layers of what happened. As we get to understand more about who the victim here is, I really despised him as well. I could also understand why someone would want him dead. It’s what made the story even more exciting as I wanted to find out if the killer had any links to his past.

The novel is set in Australia, which is also what I liked about it as well. B.M. Carroll whisked me away in her writing, and it made the book feel refreshing. I’ve only ever read one other book set in Australia before, and this is a part of the world where I’m quite keen to travel to at some point in the future.

There are some tense scenes as B.M. Carroll reveals what happened to Megan and her friend Jess who also comes into the picture following William’s attempted murder. We also hear from Jess’s point of view. Megan and Jess both went through the same horrifying experience together. As I was reading the flashback scenes in which B.M. Carroll takes us back to the events linking Megan and Jess to William; it made me angry. It really does paint a vivid picture of what happens in these situations in real life.

Another point of view which B.M. Carroll tells the story from is Detective Sergeant Bridget Kennedy. I liked Bridget from the start and B.M. Carroll brought her character to life really well. I was rooting for her to get the truth about what was going on. It felt as though, at some moments, that she was the only person who wanted to get justice.

I enjoyed reading You Had It Coming and B.M. Carroll kept me hooked as I waited to find out who was responsible for the attack on William and what had happened in Megan and Jess’s pasts. I would definitely recommend it to fans of psychological thrillers.

Publisher: Viper Books

Publication date: 13th May 2021

Print length: 432 pages

You Had It Coming is available to buy:

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