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I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on The Therapist by B A Paris on my blog today. B A Paris will be appearing at tonight’s First Monday Crime panel which is being live streamed on their Facebook page. I’ll have all the details about tonight’s event at the end of the post, but first let’s find out what The Therapist is about.


When Alice and Leo move into a newly renovated house in The Circle, a gated community of exclusive houses, it is everything they’ve dreamed of. But appearances can be deceptive…

As Alice is getting to know her neighbours, she discovers a devastating, grisly secret about her new home, and begins to feel a strong connection with Nina, the therapist who lived there before.

Alice becomes obsessed with trying to piece together what happened two years before. But no one wants to talk about it. Her neighbours are keeping secrets and things are not as perfect as they seem…

The million-copy Sunday Times bestselling author B A Paris returns to her heartland of gripping psychological suspense in this powerful tale of a house that holds a shocking secret.


The Therapist is the latest novel by B A Paris, and once again, she has written a very addictive read. There are short snappy chapters, and the tension grew as the book raced towards its conclusion.

Alice and Leo have just moved into a gated community. But not long after they move in, Alice begins to notice strange things. She also doesn’t understand why Leo isn’t happy about her inviting the neighbours over for drinks. But what is even more disturbing is that someone, unbeknown to Alice at the time, enters the house, on the pretence they are a neighbour. Who are they, and what do they want? What secrets has Leo been keeping from her?

I really wanted to know what was going on behind Alice’s back and what Leo was keeping back from her. I love a novel set in a gated community, and I think it works well in adding to the tension, especially as it is a community that can be very tight-knit. I didn’t know who I could trust, and I felt fearful for Alice as she began to get closer to the neighbours.

B A Paris drops some bombshells when she reveals what really happened and what Leo has been keeping from Alice. It makes for some tense reading as she understands the truth and the tension between her and Leo grows. I could understand why Alice felt the way she did towards Leo. I did raise my eyebrow at some of the decisions which Alice made as she comes to terms with what she has uncovered. But at the same time, it made me wonder what was going to happen to her next. I was fearful she was getting too close to what happened in the past. I was also afraid that she was putting herself close to danger. I also liked the scenes told from a mysterious voice; I wanted to know how this was connected to the main plot and who this person was. This is also what makes the book very tense.

I flew through this book, B A Paris’s writing has such an addictive quality to it, and it’s something I’ve found from all the books I’ve read by her. This is a very immersive, exciting book that will keep you gripped.

Publisher: HQ

Publication date: 15th April 2021

Print length: 368 pages

The Therapist is available to buy:

Amazon UK Kobo Waterstones

First Monday Crime is taking place tonight live on Facebook from 19.30 p.m. Alongside B A Paris, the authors attending are, Fiona Cummins author of When I Was Ten, Mel McGrath author of Two Wrongs, Laura Shepherd-Robinson author of Daughters of Night. The panel is being moderated by Jake Kerridge. To access the event please click on the link below which will take you through to the First Monday Crime Facebook page.

First Monday Crime

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