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In Her Bones by Kate Moretti has been on my TBR pile for some time now and I’m so pleased that I’ve finally read it. I’m sharing my thoughts on my blog today.

In Her Bones by [Kate Moretti]


Fifteen years ago, Lilith Wade was arrested for the brutal murder of six women. After a death row conviction and media frenzy, her thirty-year-old daughter Edie is a recovering alcoholic with a deadend city job, just trying to survive out of the spotlight.
Edie also has a disturbing secret: a growing obsession with the families of Lilith’s victims. She’s desperate to discover how they’ve managed—or failed—to move on, and whether they’ve fared better than her. She’s been careful to keep her distance, until the day one of them is found murdered and she quickly becomes the prime suspect. Edie remembers nothing of the night of the death, and must get to the truth before the police—or the real killer—find her.


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get round to reading In Her Bones. I loved Kate Moretti’s The Blackbird Season,but I think this book is even better. I’ve read a few books where the story is told from the perspective of the daughter of a serial killer, but this book had a really interesting hook that grabbed my attention. Edith, the main character in this book, is the daughter of a serial killer, Lilith, who is currently serving time in prison for the murders she committed. In recent years, Edith, now thirty, has been looking into the families of her mother’s victims. And soon, she is about to become embroiled in a murder investigation, and she’s the prime suspect.

I thought Edith was such a fascinating character. I wanted to understand her obsession with the families of her mother’s victims more and why she wanted to get to know them. It made me think about what I would do if I was in her position. I loved how Kate Moretti delved into her psychology, and you can see that she is a writer who really understands her characters and their motivations.

When things take a more sinister turn for Edith, I couldn’t understand why she didn’t just want to go to the police and tell them the information she knew. Edith sets out to find out who is responsible for the murder of one of the family members of her mother’s victims. I wanted to know if she was potentially being set up because of who her mother was. But also, I felt I couldn’t entirely trust Edith as I was reading. I kept wondering if perhaps there was something that she wasn’t telling us.

We also get to read extracts from a book written about Edith’s mother, and I thought this was really fascinating as well. It allowed us a glimpse into Edith’s childhood.

The tension in this book continued to heat up, and I was desperate to know who was behind the murder. In Her Bones is very well plotted and I was kept hooked right the way through. Now I need to catch up on Kate Moretti’s other books, which I’ve missed.

Publisher: Titan Books

Publication date: 2nd October 2018

Print length: 321 pages

In Her Bones is available to buy:

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  1. I also like Blackbird Season. The premise of this one sounds so good. I am already wondering about Edith’s involvement with the victim families and the murder. Definitely one for my TBR.


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