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I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on the first book in the DI Eva Harris series, 20/20 by Carl Goodman on my blog today as part of the blog tour. With thanks to Sarah Hardy from Books on the Bright Side Publicity for inviting me to take part.

20/20: A totally gripping detective novel packed with suspense by [Carl Goodman]


Can you see a killer before it’s too late?

On the first day of her new job, D.I. Eva Harris is called to the scene of a brutal murder at the heart of Surrey society. A shocking crime by a meticulous killer – who escaped with the victim’s eyes.

With the body drained of blood and no forensic evidence left at the scene, Harris’ efforts to find the killer becomes desperate. But as her investigation is complicated by corruption at the heart of the police, she doesn’t know who to trust on her own team.

As the pressure mounts, Eva realises the murder is even more horrific than it seems, and her own dreadful history threatens to be drawn out with it…


20/20 by Carl Goodman is a fast paced, exhilarating and a really exciting read. This is the first book in the DI Eva Harris series, and I can’t wait to see her return.

This is a police procedural novel that is not for the faint hearted. The opening scene is very gruesome, and the police officers who are attending fear they are dealing with a sadistic serial killer. Right from this moment, I wanted to know what prompted the killer to kill their victims in this way. I was desperate to know who they were. I also wanted to know if they were going to kill again.

DI Eva Harris is a great lead character, and I was rooting for her from the start. She herself is in a precarious situation. Eva is a former computer analyst, and her expertise has seen her career fast tracked. I can imagine this would annoy other police officers who have been working in the force longer has, and this does create some animosity. She has been sent to the current team she is working with to gather intelligence; a police officer is suspected of being corrupt. So from the first day she arrives, there is tension. She knows that she can’t trust anyone, and as the reader, I could feel that. It made this book even more tense. It made me wonder if the person who she was looking for knew what she was up to.

The plot is so well structured and cleverly put together. There is lots going on here. Eva is a character who will throw herself into unpredictable situations which may put her life at risk. She is a determined police officer who will see a case through no matter what. She will make sure that the right people are put behind bars. As Eva gets closer to finding out what the killers motives are here, we are introduced to some quirky characters who made me feel nervous. As I was reading, I had no idea how the plot was going to unfold. She is definitely a police officer who you would want to have on your side.

There is a very cinematic feel to this book, and I think it would translate really well to the screen. 20/20 is a thrilling read that will capture the interest of reader’s right from the first page. I can’t wait to see where Carl Goodman takes this series next. This is a must read for police procedural fans.

Publisher: Hera Books

Publication date: 16th June 2021

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