Truth or Dare by M.J. Arlidge #bookreview #blogtour

I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on the new novel by M.J. Arlidge on my blog today, Turth or Dare. With thanks to Tracy Fenton from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to take part.

Truth or Dare: Pre-order the nail-biting new Helen Grace thriller now by [M. J. Arlidge]


A crimewave sweeps through the city and no-one is safe. An arson at the docks. A carjacking gone wrong. A murder in a country park. What connects all these crimes without causes, which leave no clues?

Detective Inspector Helen Grace faces the rising tide of cases which threatens to drown the city. But each crime is just a piece of a puzzle which is falling into place.

And when it becomes clear just how twisted and ingenious this web of crime is, D.I. Grace will realise that it may be impossible to stop it . . .


Helen Grace is back in M.J. Arlidge’s latest crime novel, Truth or Dare. Once again, Helen certainly isn’t given an easy ride. When I first started this series when the first book was released, Eeny Meeny, I knew it was going to be one I would be sticking with. I can’t believe that we’re now ten books in. With all the Helen Grace books, M.J. Arlidge always manages to create utterly gripping and unputdownable reads.

In this book, not only does Helen have to deal with a rise in crime in Southampton, but one of her colleagues, DS Hudson, is desperate to bring her down. This causes further tension in their team as Helen becomes aware of what is going on. It made me wonder just how far DS Hudson would be willing to go to achieve their goals and if Helen would be able to come out the other side this time. For all that she has been through over this series, it made me feel angry that someone would want to treat her like this. And of course, journalist Emilia Garanita is back on the scene and keen to find whatever she can on Helen to damage her career.

The current spate of rising crime is bothering Helen. There appears to be nothing to connect them, and they all seem to be just random attacks. If they are just random attacks, it makes it a much more terrifying prospect. It’s what makes this book such a tense read as well, as we have no idea will happen next.

Once again, M.J. Arlidge delivers on pace and tension, and his writing quickly absorbs you into the story. It feels as though Helen is on her own in this book, battling against a heavy storm that is coming her way.  Although all of M.J. Arlidge’s books are very dark, I think it makes the tone even darker.

M.J. Arlidge really does ratchet up the tension in Truth or Dare, especially as Helen begins to understand why these crimes have been happening. I really wanted to know what the link was, if there was a link, and when the revelations come, they are chilling.

I’m a huge, huge fan of this series. I’m always impressed at how M.J. Arlidge always manages to create another exciting, tense read. Reading these books makes you feel as if you’re discovering the series for the first time with each new book. The ending always leaves me desperately wanting the next book. Truth or Dare is another brilliant addition to the series!

Publisher: Orion

Publication date: 24th June 2021

Print length: 367 pages

Truth or Dare is available to buy:

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