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On my blog today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the new novel by Rob Parker, Far From the Tree. With thanks to Meggy Roussel from Red Dog Press for inviting me to take part.

Far From the Tree (Thirty Miles Trilogy Book 1) by [Rob Parker]


Twenty-seven bodies, vacuum-packed, buried in a woodland trench. Some have been there for years, some for just days.

When DI Brendan Foley recognises one of the Warrington 27, he knows this case is about to shake his world.

Detective Sergeant Iona Madison is a skilled boxer and a vital support for Foley. Theirs is a newly established police force, and loyalties are about to be tested to the extreme.

Pressure mounts as news of the mass grave is plastered over the news. Brendan knows they can’t crack this case alone, but he’s not letting a rival force take over.

Their investigations lead them into the murky underworlds of Manchester and Liverpool, where one more murder means little to drug-dealing gangs, desperate to control their power bases.

But as Madison steps into the ring for the fight of her life, the criminals come to them. It’s no coincidence that the corpses have been buried in Foley’s hometown. The question is, why?


Far From the Tree is a brilliant start to a new police procedural series. Rob Parker begins this book with a great opening that hooked me into the story right away. The bodies of 27 people are found in a mass grave. But the most horrifying thing is that one of the victims is DI Brendan Foley’s nephew, and he is the one to realise this when he is called to the scene.

This is the first book I have read by Rob Parker, and I have heard very good things about his writing in the past. I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to get round to reading one of his books. I am pleased to see that this book is the first in a trilogy.

Far From the Tree is a very gritty crime thriller that pulls us into the dark criminal underworld. I could feel Foley’s pain after the discovery. But Foley is determined to stay on the investigation and find out what happened to his nephew. The opening scene is one of the most gripping and shocking that I’ve read. I instantly wanted to know what had happened here and what had led to Foley’s nephew being killed. What, if anything, had he been involved in before his death? With the twenty six other deaths the team are investigating, it becomes a very complex investigation.

Because of his connection to one of the victims discovered in the mass grave, Foley knows that he won’t be allowed to be involved in the investigation. His determination to get the truth comes through very strongly, and it is clear to see that he is willing to go to any means to achieve this. It’s what makes this book such an exciting and tense read as Foley is a police officer who doesn’t always follow the rules. It made me wonder if anything was going to him if the rest of his team found out what he was up to.

I liked Foley’s partnership with Madison, and I thought Madison was a really fresh character. I loved that she was a boxer, and I thought that her and Foley’s working relationship was very well done. I could see very clearly that they are two people who will always have each other’s back.

This is a very pacy book, and Rob Parker kept me turning the pages. It is a crime thriller fuelled by action, and Rob Parker keeps the tension turning up a notch. It’s definitely one of those books which you can devour in just a couple of sittings.

I’m really looking forward to reading the next books in the series. I want to find out more about DI Brendan Foley and his family, and I am very excited to see what’s in store for him next. Rob Parker has written a captivating page turner that has left me wanting more. If you’re a fan of high octane crime novels, you definitely need to read this book. I highly recommend it.

Publisher: Red Dog Press

Publication date: 2nd July 2021

Print length: 275 pages

Far From the Tree is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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