The Hollows by Mark Edwards #bookreview

On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the chilling new novel by Mark Edwards, The Hollows.

The Hollows by [Mark Edwards]


With his marriage over and his career in freefall, journalist Tom decides to reconnect with his fourteen-year-old daughter, Frankie. Desperate to spend precious time together now that they live an ocean apart, he brings her to Hollow Falls, a cabin resort deep in the woods of Maine.

From the outset there’s something a little eerie about the place—strange whispers in the trees, windchimes echoing through the forest—but when Tom meets true-crime podcasters David and Connie, he receives a chilling warning. Hollow Falls has a gruesome history: twenty years ago this week, a double slaying shut down the resort. The crime was never solved, and now the woods are overrun with murder-obsessed tourists looking to mark the grim anniversary.

It’s clear that there’s something deeply disturbing going on at Hollow Falls. And as Tom’s dream trip turns into a nightmare, he and Frankie are faced with a choice: uncover the truth, or get out while they still can.


The Hollows is a creepy tale by Mark Edwards. I loved the setting in this book which helped to create a chilling atmosphere. It’s the perfect book to read as the autumn months draw in. Set in a resort deep within a forest in Maine, USA, it follows Tom, who is visiting his fourteen-year-old daughter, Frankie, from England. Frankie now lives in America with her mother, following her parent’s divorce. It should be a chance for them to have fun and have a good catch up, but there is something strange about this place. It isn’t soon after their arrival that they soon hear dark stories relating to the woods and a murder that happened twenty years earlier. The murder has never been solved. 

You know things are going to get bad when you arrive in a resort where there is no Internet connection. For me, and I’m sure many others, that is horrific in itself. But Tom is adamant that having no WiFi will be a good thing for him and Frankie as it will give them time to spend time together. Things appear to be looking up when they are introduced to the family staying in the next cabin to them, especially as the family has a boy a similar age to Frankie.

I wanted to know more about the resort’s history when it is explained to Tom what happened there in the past. The pacing gradually builds as Tom and Frankie become acquainted with their home for the next few days. Mark Edwards introduces us to some very creepy individuals who live near the resort. I liked how Mark Edwards also explored Tom and Frankie’s relationship, especially as the story is told from both their point of view.

The story gets even more creepy and chilling as the tension builds, and it starts to feel very claustrophobic. Strange things start happening, and it begins to feel as though someone wants them out. It is so sinister, and you can sense this as Tom and Frankie begin to question why this is happening to them. Do these strange happenings have anything to do with the unsolved murder? It made me feel that whoever was behind the murders two decades ago was still nearby. There were some tense final scenes as Mark Edwards wrapped the story up. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I waited to find out what was going to happen to the characters.

The Hollows is perfect for you if you enjoy reading a book that will give you chills right the way through. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication date: 8th July 2021

Print length: 335 pages

The Hollows is available to buy:

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  1. Yes, going somewhere with no wifi *always* ends well. I like a creepy tale, but I’m always wary of their endings, they can be difficult to wrap up satisfactorily. Still, I might give this a go.

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