Last Place You Look by Louisa Scarr #bookreview

On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the first book in a new police procedural series by Louisa Scarr, Last Place You Look.

Last Place You Look: A gripping police procedural crime thriller (Butler & West Book 1) by [Louisa Scarr]


The man you love has been murdered. You’d do anything to find out the truth. Wouldn’t you?

A man lies dead in a hotel room, and the police attend his home address to inform the widow. Nothing unusual, until DC Freya West realises that the victim is the man she has been having an affair with. The future she imagined has been snatched away.

Meanwhile, her new boss, DS Robin Butler, is preoccupied with his own problems. Mistakes he thought were buried deep in his past now threaten to be exposed. Before long, both Butler and West are keeping secrets that could end their careers – and worse.

When the detectives have a chance to tell the truth, they choose to keep quiet. But once that line is crossed, is there any going back? After all, breaking the law is easy when you know how to uphold it.


Last Place You Look is the first book in a new police procedural series by Louisa Scarr, featuring detectives Robin Butler and Freya West. It opens with an intriguing opening scene, and Louisa does explore some interesting topics in her book, which I haven’t seen explored too much before in crime fiction.

The discovery of the body of a man in a hotel room, who seems to have died in a sex game gone wrong, prompts the start of a complex investigation. As Freya and Robin begin to investigate, their own personal lives begin to get caught up in the work they are doing, and this complicates matters further. Their investigations also take them into some seedy areas as they try to solve the case, such as sex clubs and swingers parties.

There isn’t a lot of fast paced action in this book, but I was really intrigued and I thought Freya and Robin’s personal lives were fascinating. They are both two very different characters but they work together really well. Robin is a deeply complex character. He has suffered from trauma in his past and Louisa Scarr gradually reveals what happened as the novel progresses. You can certainly feel a lot of the emotions that he is experiencing. Freya is also going through something deeply traumatic, and her emotions too, also come through very strongly in Louisa’s writing.

The tension builds in this book as we begin to understand more about Freya and Robin. I don’t want to give too much away here, but as we get to know more about them, it did make me wonder what impact this would have on the case. Both of their lives are very interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing where Louisa Scarr takes them next. What has happened to them in this book has made me wonder how things for them will move forward from here.

Last Place You Look is an intriguing start to a new series, and I’m definitely going to be getting the next book. Crime fiction fans, you definitely need to add this to your TBR pile, if you haven’t done so already.

Publisher: Canelo Crime

Publication date: 8th April 2021

Print length: 362 pages

Last Place You Look is available to buy:

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