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On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the chilling new novel by Caroline Mitchell, The Village as pat of the blog tour. With thanks to Rhiannon Morris from FMcM Associates for inviting me to take part.


Ten years ago, the Harper family disappeared. Their deserted cottage was left with the water running, the television playing cartoons, the oven ready for baking. The doors were locked from the inside.

Overnight, the sleepy village of Nighbrook became notorious as the scene of the unsolved mystery of the decade, an epicentre for ghoulish media speculation.

For crime journalist Naomi, solving the case has turned into an obsession. So now, with Ivy Cottage finally listed for sale, it’s her chance to mount an investigation like no other. And her husband and stepdaughter don’t really need to know what happened in their new home… do they?

But Nighbrook isn’t quite the village she expected. No one wants to talk to her. No one will answer her questions. And as she becomes increasingly uneasy, it’s clear that the villagers are hiding something―that there is something very dark at the heart of this rural idyll. And the deeper she digs, the more it seems her investigation could be more dangerous than she ever imagined… In raking up the secrets of the past, has she made her own family the next target?


The Village is the new chilling standalone thriller by Caroline Mitchell. It follows crime reporter, Naomi, who has been obsessed with the disappearances of the Harper family, who vanished from the town of Nighbrook ten years earlier without trace. Their disappearance has never been solved despite being a big story nationwide. Naomi’s obsession has taken her to the point of even buying the Harper family home, in the hope of finally solving the mystery of what happened to them.

The Village has a really intriguing premise. When I read the blurb it made me want to find out more about Naomi. I wanted to know what would prompt someone to buy a house where an unexplained crime took place years earlier, just in the hope of solving the case. I wanted to know if there was anything that the police had missed over the years that Naomi might be able to uncover. What secrets was the house hiding?

The villagers aren’t exactly welcoming when Naomi and her family arrive there. They are hostile towards them and this prompted me to think that they were hiding something. I wanted to know what was really going on here, and it made the Harpers disappearance even more intriguing.

I thought Caroline Mitchell explored the relationship between Naomi and her step daughter really well. There is tension there, and as Naomi’s step daughter becomes acquainted with her new life in Nighbrook, she begins to notice that something strange is going on.

There is a chilling atmosphere in the village of Nighbrook, which adds to the sense of mystery. Caroline Mitchell writes this really well. As I was reading, the village, made me think that if I was ever to drive through it by accident, I wouldn’t stop, I would just keep driving as fast as I could.

Fans of Caroline Mitchell’s work will really enjoy The Village. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication date: 18th January 2022

Print length: 303 pages

The Village is available to buy:

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