Nothing to Lose by Victoria Selman #bookreview

On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the gripping novel by Victoria Selman, Nothing to Lose, the second book in her Ziba MacKenzie series.


He’s looking for his next victim. She looks just like his last.

Primrose Hill, London. Offender Profiler Ziba MacKenzie arrives at the scene of a gruesome murder with a disturbing sense of déjà vu. Nine days earlier, another woman’s body was found: same location, same MO, same physical appearance. For the police, it’s clear a new serial killer is on the loose. But for Ziba, it’s even more sinister—because the victims look just like her.

Ziba has been the focus of a killer’s interest before, and knows that if she gets too close again this case could be her last. Still, she’s not one to play by the rules—especially when her secret investigation into her husband’s murder begins to attract unwanted attention.

With someone watching her every step, can Ziba uncover what connects the two victims before she becomes one herself?


I recently read and enjoyed the first book in Victoria Selman’s Ziba Mackenzie series, and I bought the second book, Nothing to Lose straight away on the back of reading the first. I absolutely love Victoria’s writing. It’s pacy and so well written and I fly through her books at break-neck speed.

This time around, Ziba Mackenzie is on the hunt for a sadistic serial killer who is targeting pregnant women in a cruel and terrifying way. The clock is really ticking as Ziba and the team try to track the killer down. You get a real sense that the team are racing against time and that they will need to do a lot of things right, for things to go their way. I could also clearly see the real challenges Ziba is facing in her personal life, particularly in dealing with the death of her husband, which Victoria draws on well to make her come to life.

There is also another voice which we hear from, from someone who is close to the killer. These scenes really added to the tension. It made me think that something terrible was going to happen to this person, and I was desperate for them to go to the police with what they knew. I thought Victoria Selman did a fantastic job of capturing the desperation in this character’s voice. There is a real sense of mystery surrounding this person and I liked how Victoria Selman kept me intrigued. I had to know who this person was.

Victoria Selman always writes short and snappy chapters, which is what keeps me flying through the novel. Her writing is taut and the suspense keeps ticking up a notch with every page. I thought Victoria did a brilliant job in wrapping the plot of the novel up, and I liked the way how she did it. I was surprised in the direction she took the book, as I definitely thought it was heading another way.

Nothing to Lose is a brilliant addition to this series and I will definitely be reading the third book as soon as I can. If you enjoy gritty and dark crime thrillers that are impossible to put down then you need to try this series if you haven’t done so already. I highly recommend it.

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication date: 26th March 2019

Print length: 385 pages

Nothing to Lose is available to buy:

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