Hidden Depths by Araminta Hall #bookreview

On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the stunning new novel by Araminta Hall, Hidden Depths.


Lily is pregnant, travelling onboard the Titanic to her beloved family in the United States, hoping she can get there before her mind and body give up.

For a long time now she’s known her husband is not the man he’s pretending to be and she’s not safe.

So, when she meets widower Lawrence she knows he’s her last chance for help.

Or Prisoner…
But Lawrence knows he hasn’t got time to save Lily.

Lawrence is the only person on board the unsinkable ship who knows he will not disembark in New York.

And the danger is much worse than either of them could imagine.

Can Lily and Lawrence help each other to safety before it’s too late?


The moment I heard that Araminta Hall was releasing a novel set on the Titanic, I knew I had to buy it, having been fascinated by the tragedy for years. Hidden Depths is an absorbing read, and Araminta Hall pulls you into the lives of her characters, Lawrence and Lily. I felt a lot of emotion in this book as I was reading, and the characters were utterly compelling, I had to know what was going to happen to them.

Lawrence and Lilly are two very different characters, both travelling on the Titanic for very different reasons. I felt desperately sad for Lawrence; you can feel the turmoil he is going through, following the loss of his beloved wife, Cissy. You can see that he is at the end of a tether. He has one purpose for this voyage and he is determined to see it through. Both Lily and Lawrence are travelling in Second Class, but Lily canโ€™t quite work out why her husband has paid for a Second Class ticket, when they can easily afford First Class. You may think this might make her sound arrogant, but soon little things like this that Lily questions about her husband, build up a dark picture and Lily realises that she is in desperate danger.

Although the novel is set on the Titanic, the novel is more about the characters. Araminta Hall does capture the sense of grandeur of the ship, especially as the characters are boarding, and you can picture the Atlantic Ocean as the Titanic embarks on its maiden voyage to New York. We know what is going to happen to the Titanic, but I was desperate to know what was going to happen to Lawrence and Lily. How would what happens to the Titanic, change them, affect their lives, and if they would survive the tragedy at all?

One character who I particularly hated was Lilyโ€™s husband, Henry. As Lily began to suspect what he was up to, I wanted to know what his motives were, and I was rooting for Lily to get to the bottom of things. Araminta Hall paints a vivid picture of what life for women in this time in history was like.

I really enjoyed Hidden Depths and I finished it in just a couple of sittings. It is a stunning novel and I highly recommend it.

Publisher: Orion

Publication date: 31st March 2022

Print length: 354 pages

Hidden Depths is available to buy:

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