Hooked From Page One turns 6

I can’t believe it’s been six years to the day since I published my first book review online. I don’t think that back then that I thought I would still be blogging more than half a decade later. Now I can’t imagine my life without my blog and the friends I’ve made as a result of blogging. I think starting this blog has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Since I’ve started blogging I’ve found new favourite authors who I don’t think I would have ever read had it not been for my blog.

To celebrate my blog turning six I’m celebrating with a giveaway over on Twitter.

I have one hardback copy of the new thriller by Jack Jordan, Do No Harm to giveaway. The giveaway will run until midnight UK time, Sunday, 5th June 2022. One winner will be chosen at random. I’m afraid this will only be open to UK entries. To enter please see my pinned Tweet on Twitter account @collinsjacob115

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