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On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the new novel by Susi Holliday, The Hike. With thanks to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part.


Four hikers enter the mountains. Only two return. But is it tragedy? Or treachery?

When sisters Cat and Ginny travel with their husbands to the idyllic Swiss Alps for a hiking holiday, it’s not just a chance to take in the stunning scenery. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with each other after years of drifting apart—and patch up marriages that are straining at the seams.

As they head into the mountains, morale is high, but as the terrain turns treacherous, cracks in the relationships start to show. With worrying signs that someone might be following them, the sun begins to set and exhaustion kicks in. Suddenly, lost high on a terrifying ridge, tensions spill over—with disastrous consequences.

When only two of the four hikers make it down from the mountain, the police press them for their story—but soon become suspicious when their accounts just don’t add up.

What really happened up on that ridge? Who are the survivors? And what secrets are they trying to hide?


I’ve always found Susi Holliday’s writing addictive, and her latest book, The Hike, is no exception. There is a real intense atmosphere in this book, set in the Swiss Alps, and Susi Holliday builds on this setting to create tension, so well. We meet a family, two sisters and their husbands, who have travelled for a hiking holiday, but something terrible is about to happen to them in the mountains. Only two people will survive.

I loved the way how Susi Holliday peeled back the layers of each character, especially as they made their way up the mountain, making things between them more intense. The interaction between the two sisters, Cat and Ginny, I thought was particularly interesting. You can see what they think about each other and I wanted to know what was going to happen to them while they were up there. From the opening prologue you know that something terrible has happened, and Susi Holliday creates layers of suspicion very well in her writing, pulling you deeper into the lives of her characters. They are certainly not very likeable people, but this is what made them all the more interesting and the characterisation is so well done.

As I mentioned earlier, Susi Holliday creates an intense atmosphere in The Hike. You can feel the danger the characters are in, as they make their way up the mountain, but it seems that it isn’t the dangerous terrain around them, or the intense cold, that they need to be wary of. Susi Holliday keeps on adding to the tension as we begin to find out what happened to the group. It is on the mountain that the character’s true colours begin to emerge, and this may be more dangerous to them than the threat of avalanches, or what else is lurking on the mountainside.

Susi Holliday has written another terrific, tense thriller, that I’m sure will thrill fans of her previous novels. The Hike will keep you entertained and gripped to the words on the page. I really enjoyed it.

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication date: 1st October 2022

Print length: 266 pages

The Hike is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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