Review Policy


There is nothing I enjoy more than helping authors and their books. If you would like to send me a book to review, please see below before submitting your request.

  • I review crime & psychological thriller novels for adults. I do occasionally read historical fiction but my main preference is crime. I also enjoy reading ghost stories.
  • I do not read Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Romance novels.
  • I am happy to read printed books and Kindle editions.
  • I am happy for publishers to quote my review. Please can you attribute this to me and Hooked From Page One.
  • I do take part in blog tours and I am happy to feature guest posts and interviews as part of blog tours only.

Although I wish I could run my blog full time, it is only a hobby as I do have a full time job and so it isn’t always possible for me to respond to every request I am sent, but all emails will be considered. I also have a heavy back log so it may take some time for me to get round to reading your book. Blog tours I am taking part in do take priority.

Please do not attach a PDF of your book or a link to your book’s Amazon page in your original request unless I have asked you to do so. If your original email is sent with your book attached as a PDF, or a direct link to your book’s page on Amazon, it will be deleted.

Once I have published my review, I will send you a link either through Twitter or by email. I also publish my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please give me some details about the book and the author and if you would like a review by a specific date please do let me know. I will try and get round to every book I am sent as soon as I can. If I accept a review request I’m afraid it does not always guarantee a review. If I have agreed to take part in a blog tour, I will always publish a review on the date I signed up to. If, for some reason, I am struggling with the book, I will contact the tour organiser and request a guest post or an extract from the book to post instead. 

Please send review requests to: