Strangers by C.L. Taylor #bookreview blog tour @callytaylor @AvonBooksUK #DontTalkToStrangers

I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour for C.L. Taylor’s latest psychological thriller, Strangers. With thanks to Sanjana Cunniah at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.

Strangers: the gripping new book from the Sunday Times bestseller by [Taylor, C.L.]


Ursula, Gareth and Alice have never met before.

Ursula thinks she killed the love of her life.
Gareth’s been receiving strange postcards.
And Alice is being stalked.

None of them are used to relying on others – but when the three strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide, there’s only one thing for it: they have to stick together. Otherwise, one of them will die.

Three strangers, two secrets, one terrifying evening.


I’ve been a big fan of C.L. Taylor for a while now, and I think that Strangers, her latest, is her most addictive and compelling book yet. Whenever I’ve picked up one of her books, I’ve read them in just a couple of days. C.L. Taylor creates a cast of intriguing characters, and she draws you into their lives and personal struggles. Nothing binds them at the start of this book, and how she brings them together is done brilliantly. C.L. Taylor will have you wondering throughout how everything is going to pan out, and how she does this will totally shock you.

We’re introduced to three characters, Gareth, Ursula and Alice. They are all going through some kind of turmoil in their lives. Gareth finds himself at the centre of a police probe which he has no idea about; Ursula is addicted to shop-lifting and the thrill of it, which is why she has just been kicked out of the flat she shares with her friend. Alice is scared that she is being stalked and is constantly on edge. And in the midst of this, strange disappearances are sparking intrigue in the local community, prompting many to start discussing them online.

What really makes this book exceptional are the characters. I found their lives and their circumstance utterly compelling, and it’s what made me turn the pages faster and faster. I think I felt most for Ursula as she battles her addiction to shop-lifting. You can see that she is desperate to stop doing this as it is destroying her social life, particularly when her friends kick her out of her flat. And I engaged with Gareth and Alice. Gareth works as a security guard, which is already a demanding job, but he also has to care for his mother, who has dementia. I felt exasperated for him when he became involved in a police investigation, especially as he already had a lot of other things going on in his life demanding attention. Alice is desperate to find love again, but she is also having to deal with her teenage daughter trying to give her advice. But her daughter may not be giving her advice in the most sensitive of ways.

It’s really hard to talk more about the plot without giving anything away, but what I can say is that you will be pulled into the lives of the characters and the story, C.L. Taylor has created without any effort. If you’re already a fan of her work, you’ll no doubt already know what a treat you have in store. Strangers is C.L. Taylor’s best book yet.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 2nd April 2020

Print length: 400 pages

Strangers is available to buy:

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The Silent House by Nell Pattison #bookreview blog tour @Writer_Nell @AvonBooksUK

I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour today for The Silent House by Nell Pattison. With thanks to Sanjana Cunniah at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.


If someone was in your house, you’d know … Wouldn’t you?

But the Hunter family are deaf, and don’t hear a thing when a shocking crime takes place in the middle of the night. Instead, they wake up to their worst nightmare: the murder of their daughter.

The police call Paige Northwood to the scene to interpret for the witnesses. They’re in shock, but Paige senses the Hunters are hiding something.

One by one, people from Paige’s community start to fall under suspicion. But who would kill a little girl?

Was it an intruder?

Or was the murderer closer to home?


The Silent House is a really different psychological thriller. The author, Nell Pattison, explores the deaf community in her debut novel, and this is what made the novel so intriguing when I first read the blurb. She also draws on her own experience as this is a community which she has worked with. After I read the first couple of chapters, I did not want to put it down.

Nell Pattison opens up her novel in a horrific way when the body of a young girl is discovered. The discovery sends shock waves throughout the local community. The family of the young girl who has died are deaf, and when one of their friends, Paige Northwood is drafted in to help interpret for the police, she knows that this will be a difficult task. She will have to examine every part of their lives to get to the truth. And soon she begins to think that someone within the family isn’t telling the truth, can she really trust the people she thought she knew?

As Paige became involved with the investigation, I wondered how this was going to take its toll in her, particularly as the Hunter family are her friends. I wondered if this would put any strains on their relationship, and how difficult it would be for her to get the answers she needs to find for the police.

Nell Pattison’s writing makes this a very easy read to get into, and as I said earlier, I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of there being an intruder in your home, and myself not knowing. This is what made the idea so scary. I knew I had to find out who had done this to the family and what their motive was. It was so unnerving to think that someone could do this to a small girl who is totally innocent in anything that might have been going on. This is what made me think that anyone who knew the family could be responsible.

This is a hugely absorbing debut that will keep you utterly gripped and reading into the early hours of the night. If you’re looking for something different in the crime fiction genre, then definitely give this book a go. The Silent House is a sinister read that draws you in from the first page. I would highly recommend it.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 5th March 2020

Print length: 400 pages

The Silent House is available to buy:

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Liar Liar by Mel Sherratt #bookreview blog tour @writermels

I’ve become a huge fan of Mel Sherratt’s DS Grace Allendale series and I’m delighted to be sharing my review of her latest book, Liar Liar as part of the blog tour. With thanks to Sanjana Cunniah at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.

Liar Liar: The unmissable new crime thriller from the million copy bestseller (DS Grace Allendale, Book 3) by [Sherratt, Mel]


The truth can be a dangerous thing…

When a young boy falls from a balcony in a block of flats, DS Grace Allendale witnesses the shocking aftermath of the tragic event. But strangely, no one will admit to seeing anything – and the parents will only tell the police that it was an accident.

Determined to sort the truth from the lies, Grace is thrown into a case that takes her to the darkest corners of the criminal world – and strikes closer to home than she could have ever imagined…


Liar Liar is such an intense read by Mel Sherratt. Opening with the horrific scene of a small boy falling from a five-meter high railing, DS Grace Allendale is thrown into a difficult and frustrating investigation. It is clear that there is more to what happened than what first meets the eye, but there are very few people who are willing to come forward to tell the police what they know. Grace even suspects that the boy’s parents are keeping secrets from her. But who has such a tight hold on this community? Why are the boy’s parents, Luke and Ruby so afraid?

What makes Mel Sherratt’s lead detective so fascinating is that she has links to a local criminal gang who are at the top of the pecking order. Some of the ruthless criminals Grace has come across in her career are scared of them. Grace has only recently become reacquainted with her family, and you can see that it is tough for her. This is what makes Grace so intriguing to me, and I’m really keen to see this part of her life develop further. How long will they be able to keep acting harmoniously towards each other? We don’t hear much from them in the latest book in the series, but there are references to them, you quickly get the sense that they are a family not to be crossed with.

Liar Liar is very tightly plotted. There are a lot of lies that run very deep in some of the characters in this book. It’s no easy task for Grace, who has to try and wring them out of the witnesses to piece together what happened to the young boy. I could see just how frightened his parents were, and I wanted to get to the bottom of what was keeping them from telling the police everything. When the reveals did come, I thought they were very convincing. You can tell that Mel Sherratt has put a lot of thought into this and into sketching out the lives of her characters.

A part of the novel I also liked, were the flashback scenes, where we visit Ruby ten years earlier. Mel Sherratt built this part of the plot really well. As I started reading these scenes, my mind kept jumping ahead to what was happening in the present as I tried to work out how the two timelines were going to marry up.

The majority of the novel is set in a block of flats called Harrison House. Throughout the entirety of the book, it felt as though a dark cloud was hanging over it. There seemed to be danger at every corner here. Mel Sherratt painted a really gloomy atmosphere, but there is also some lightness and a sense of community, particularly, I thought with Luke and Ruby’s neighbour.

Liar Liar is another absolutely gripping read by Mel Sherratt with great characters who you will be rooting for. Very, very good!

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 10th February 2020

Print length: 400 pages

Liar Liar is available to buy from the following retailers:

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I Dare You by Sam Carrington #bookreview blog tour @sam_carrington1 @Sabah_K @AvonBooksUK

I’m delighted to be sharing my review of Sam Carrington’s latest thriller, I Dare You on my blog today. With thanks to Sabah Khan from Avon Books for inviting me to take part.



Mapledon, 1989
Two little girls were out playing a game of dares. Only one returned home.
The ten-year-old told police what she saw: village loner Bill ‘Creepy’ Cawley dragged her friend into his truck and disappeared.
No body was found, but her testimony sent Cawley to prison for murder. An open and shut case, the right man behind bars.
The village could sleep safe once again.

Anna thought she had left Mapledon and her nightmares behind but a distraught phone call brings her back to face her past.
30 years ago, someone lied. 30 years ago, the man convicted wasn’t the only guilty party.
Now he’s out of prison and looking for revenge. The question is, who will he start with?


There’s a sinister atmosphere to Sam Carrington’s latest novel, I Dare You.

Set in the rural village of Mapledon across two timelines, 1989 and 2019, we follow events as they unfolded thirty years ago when a ten-year-old girl disappeared. In 2019, her kidnapper, Bill Crawley has just been released from prison which creates an uproar among the locals. They are determined to make sure he doesn’t step foot back in Mapledon, but it appears that there may be a more disturbing reason why they don’t want him back.

Sam Carrington first introduces us to Anna, who is visiting her mother. Anna hasn’t stepped foot in the village of Mapledon for years and is still haunted by the disappearance of her friend, Joni. But things appear to have taken a more sinister turn. Someone has been tearing off doll pieces and attaching them to her mother’s front door. It causes Anna to consider if Bill Crawley is targeting her family, particularly as she was the one who identified him as Joni’s kidnapper thirty years earlier. Although her mother is quick to dismiss these claims, blaming local kids instead. But Anna is unconvinced.

We also meet Lizzie who lived in the village a very long time ago. Lizzie is now a journalist and is probing the story of Bill Crawley’s release. But what is her connection to the events that took place? What is she hoping to uncover?

You really do get the sense that there is certainly some unfinished business when it comes to Joni’s disappearance. I thought the flashback scenes to 1989 were really creepy, particularly when we meet Bill Crawley for the first time, otherwise known as ‘Creepy Crawley’ to the local kids, and that name seems to have stuck. I could never be sure about him. As rumour after rumour and different accusations flew around the village about him, I was never able to separate fact from fiction. It did feel as though he had become the victim of a witch hunt.

As with all of Sam’s novels, I found her latest intensely gripping and I wanted to find out what the real truth was and what had really happened to Joni on the night she disappeared. I couldn’t stop turning the pages as I got to the end and when Sam’s final revelations came to light.  I Dare You is really good.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 12th December 2019

Print length: 416 pages

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Through the Wall by Caroline Corcoran #bookreview blog tour @cgcorcoran @Sabah_K @AvonBooksUK

I’m delighted to be sharing my review of Through the Wall by Caroline Corcoran as part of the blog tour. With thanks to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.


Lexie’s got the perfect life. And someone else wants it…

Lexie loves her home. She feels safe and secure in it – and loved, thanks to her boyfriend Tom.

But recently, something’s not been quite right. A book out of place. A wardrobe door left open. A set of keys going missing…

Tom thinks Lexie’s going mad – but then, he’s away more often than he’s at home nowadays, so he wouldn’t understand.

Because Lexie isn’t losing it. She knows there’s someone out there watching her. And, deep down, she knows there’s nothing she can do to make them stop…


Through the Wall is a tense psychological thriller by Caroline Corcoran, focusing on the lives of two women who live next door to each other in a London apartment block. Meet Lexie and Harriet. Both women envy each other. Harriet is jealous of Lexie for her perfect family life. However, Lexie sees Harriet as what you might imagine one of the cool kids at school to be, fun-loving and always up for a party. But what they both don’t realise is how very different their lives are to what they imagine them to be.

Right from the beginning, there is an underlying level of tension between the two women, and as the reader, we can sense that things will soon come crashing down for either Harriet or Lexie. Both women are facing their own problems in their personal life at the moment. Lexie and her husband, Tom, are struggling with fertility problems, and Harriet still hasn’t moved on, after her fiancé, Luke decided to break up with her after their engagement. But now Harriet has set her eyes on Lexie’s boyfriend, Tom, and it seems that she will stop at nothing to break them up. To Harriet, Tom seems to be the perfect replacement for Luke.

Caroline Corcoran kept me gripped. I was intrigued by the feud that seemed to exist between both Lexie and Harriet. They don’t actually meet each until much later in the story. Right from the beginning, Harriet seemed to be a very perplexing character, and I had a feeling that there was going to be more to her story. You know what she is beginning to plan from very early in the book, and this is how Caroline cleverly maintains the tension.

As the plot developed, Caroline continues to deepen her character’s stories, and it takes on a much darker tone. Harriet is the person who intrigued me the most. I wanted to know what had happened in her past and how her past. How had her past morphed her into the person she is today? Why was she so obsessed with her neighbours? Why was she so desperate to get together with Lexie’s boyfriend? I also found it fascinating how both women thought of each other as the novel is told from their perspectives.

Although the pace is a bit slow at times, Caroline Corcoran maintains a high level of intrigue that will keep you invested in the lives of Lexie and Harriet. The sense that darkness is creeping in will keep you very engaged.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 3rd October 2019

Print length: 352 pages

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The Missing Wife by Sam Carrington #bookreview blog tour @sam_carrington1 @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K

I’m delighted to be sharing my review of The Missing Wife by Sam Carrington as part of the blog tour. With thanks to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.


You think you know those closest to you. You are wrong…

A sleep-deprived new mother approaching her fortieth birthday, the very last thing Louisa wants to do is celebrate.

But when her friend Tiff organises a surprise party, inviting the entire list of Louisa’s Facebook friends, Louisa is faced with a room full of people she hasn’t spoken to in years – including someone she never expected to see again: her ex-boyfriend, Oliver Dunmore.

When Oliver’s wife Melissa goes missing after the party, everyone remembers the night differently. Someone knows what happened to Melissa, and Louisa is determined to find them. But the truth could be closer, and the deception more devastating, than she’d ever imagined…

A gripping psychological suspense novel, perfect for fans of Samantha Downing’s My Lovely Wife, Lucy Clarke’s You Let Me In and Linda Green’s The Last Thing She Told Me.


Sam Carrington’s The Missing Wife could very easily have been a one-sitting read for me. It did take me just two days to finish it, and it’s clear to see that Sam is a writer who is going from strength to strength, and she has become one of my favourite authors. I absolutely loved the pace in her latest book, and it had such a compelling mystery that I couldn’t stop turning those pages.

What we are first faced with is the disappearance of Oliver Dunmore’s wife, Melissa, who vanished after attending the fortieth birthday of Oliver’s former girlfriend from college, Louise. Louise isn’t best pleased when she finds out that her friend, Tiff, has organised the surprise, and is horrified when she finds out that Oliver has been invited. But what really puzzles Louise is that she can’t remember seeing Melissa on the night in question at all. Then, when Oliver uses Melissa’s disappearance to slip back into her life, it is clear that there is something much darker going on here.

Louise was a character who I really felt sorry for, a lot of the time, in this book. Louise is just approaching her fortieth birthday, and she has just given birth to her second child, her son Noah. Sam paints a vivid picture of the struggles often new mother’s face, and there were some times when I could have shouted with frustration at Louise’s family for the way they were speaking to her. You can clearly see how this begins to affect her.

This book does mark a break-away from Sam’s previous two novels, which although were two separate stories, they did feature some of the same characters. Although I did miss, DI Lindsay Wade and DS Mack, I did enjoy getting to know Sam’s new characters. Louise and Oliver both made the story a compelling read as it became clear that something had happened in their past which binds them both together. I was very keen to know what that something was.

As the novel reached the end, I often thought about how I would choose to react if I was put in the same situation as Louise. It was quite horrifying as it dawned on her what was happening. I was literally glued to the final pages. There’s plenty of action towards the end of the book, and it did make me feel as though I was watching the story unfold on the big screen. The Missing Wife is pacy, addictive and has some richly developed characters. I would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait for Sam’s next book.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 27th June 2019

Print length: 352 pages

If you would like to purchase The Missing Wife, you can do so by clicking on one of the following links below.

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Forget Me Not by Claire Allan #bookreview blog tour @ClaireAllan @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K

I’m delighted to be joining the blog tour for Forget Me Not by Claire Allan today on my blog. With thanks to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.

Forget Me Not: An unputdownable serial killer thriller with a breathtaking twist by [Allan, Claire]


I disappeared on a Tuesday afternoon. I was there one minute and the next I was gone. They’ve never found my body…

It’s six in the morning during the hottest summer on record when Elizabeth O’Loughlin, out walking her dog, comes across Clare, a victim of a horrific knife attack, clinging onto life at the side of the road.

Clare dies minutes later, but not before whispering her haunting last words to Elizabeth.

When it becomes clear that Clare’s killer has more than one murder on his mind, Elizabeth has to take drastic action or face losing everything.

But what if she can’t stop a killer determined never to be forgotten?


Forget Me Not was so, so good. Again, I’m now kicking myself that I haven’t read an author’s previous work before as this had me gripped right from the first page. I still have Claire Allan’s first two books to read, so I will definitely be bumping them higher up my reading pile.

In Claire’s latest book, we meet Elizabeth and Rachel, and it is their points of view the novel is told from. The book opens with Elizabeth discovering a body while out walking her dog. The woman who has been found, Clare, is just holding on, but while Elizabeth tries to comfort her, she dies, and her death sparks a massive manhunt for her killer, and the media become very interested in the case. Rachel is one of Clare’s closest friends and it soon becomes apparent that the killer isn’t finished. After Rachel receives some strange, terrifying notes, she knows she is next in the killer’s sights.

I think what made this book so gripping; aside from the storyline, was how Claire Allan writes. I became totally immersed in the story, and the short chapters always had that hook at the end which made me think, oh I’ll just read one more. I became very interested in Rachel’s backstory as the reasons behind Clare’s murder became clearer, and it seemed to be the case that it was something in their past linking them to the events happening in the present.

There’s a really chilling atmosphere right throughout the book as the police raced to catch the person responsible for Clare’s death. I could sense the clock ticking down, and I kept thinking that something bad was going to happen before any resolution to the investigation was made. And the notes left by the killer, for the supposed potential victims, really had me questioning who they were and what their motive was.

This is a novel that will keep you completely gripped. Forget Me Not is very, very good. I can’t wait to read more from Claire Allan.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 30th May 2019

Print length: 400 pages

If you would like to purchase Forget Me Not, you can do so by clicking on one of the following links below.

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Stolen by Paul Finch #bookreview blog tour @paulfinchauthor @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K

I’m thrilled to be joining the blog tour for Stolen by Paul Finch today on my blog, which is the third book in the DC Lucy Clayburn series.

Stolen by [Finch, Paul]


How do you find the missing when there’s no trail to follow?

DC Lucy Clayburn is having a tough time of it. Not only is her estranged father one of the North West’s toughest gangsters, but she is in the midst of one of the biggest police operations of her life.

Members of the public have started to disappear, taken from the streets as they’re going about their every day lives. But no bodies are appearing – it’s almost as if the victims never existed.

Lucy must chase a trail of dead ends and false starts as the disappearances mount up. But when her father gets caught in the crossfire, the investigation suddenly becomes a whole lot more bloody…


In Manchester people are disappearing off the streets, people who many wouldn’t even worry about; people who are sleeping rough and drug addicts, until a young woman vanishes while out running, which prompts a response from the police. One thing that links the disappearances is a dark coloured van seen in the area that has aroused the suspicions of several witnesses.

DC Lucy Clayburn becomes aware of the missing people and starts an investigation. But as she gets to grip with what could prove to be a very sinister case, her own position in the police begins to come under threat. Two years ago, Lucy discovered that she was Frank McCracken’s daughter; Frank is a dangerous criminal, well known to the police and is one of the top bosses of a criminal organisation. So far she’s managed to keep this a secret from her colleagues back at the station, but now it seems that she may have to come forward and tell the truth. Will her career survive? Will her father’s reputation survive? Lucy’s relationship with her father is what gives this series a really edgy feel.

Paul Finch’s Lucy Clayburn series is one of my favourites. There is always a strong element of mystery when it comes to Paul’s openings for his books, and this is what makes them so gripping, right from the get-go. There were a lot of things I liked about this novel; there’s a strong plot which pulled me into the story as well as Lucy’s own personal dilemma. She is perhaps faced with one of the toughest choices of her career here, and this was one of the most gripping parts of the story, would she or would she not come clean to her boss, but I won’t be revealing any details on that here.

There are quite a few on the edge of your seat moments throughout this book, and I just had to keep turning the pages to find out what was going to happen. Lucy is a police officer who is unafraid of sailing close to danger. I think what I really like about her, is that she is in this job simply because she cares about making a difference in her community. At the moment she doesn’t think about promotion, as she tells her father, she will quite happily stay as a detective constable if it means coming clean about their relationship.

One character who I thought was written really well was Sister Cassie, a former nun who still likes to stick to her old ways. I really liked the friendship that she had with Lucy, and I think she was one of my favourite characters from this book. I’d definitely like to see her return.

I think Stolen is the best book yet in this series. Gritty, full of suspense and with a nail-biting ending, this makes for a really enjoyable read. Another top read from Paul Finch, which I highly recommend.

Publisher: Avon Books

Publication date: 16th May 2019

Print length: 480 pages

If you would like to purchase Stolen you can do so by clicking on one of the following links below. 

Amazon UK  Kobo  Waterstones



Perfect Crime by Helen Fields #bookreview blog tour @Helen_Fields @AvonBooks @Sabah_K #PerfectCrime

I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Helen Fields fifth book in the DI Luc Callanch and DCI Ava Turner series, Perfect Crime. Thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.


Your darkest moment is your most vulnerable…

Stephen Berry is about to jump off a bridge until a suicide prevention counsellor stops him. A week later, Stephen is dead. Found at the bottom of a cliff, DI Luc Callanach and DCI Ava Turner are drafted in to investigate whether he jumped or whether he was pushed…

As they dig deeper, more would-be suicides roll in: a woman found dead in a bath; a man violently electrocuted. But these are carefully curated deaths – nothing like the impulsive suicide attempts they’ve been made out to be.

Little do Callanach and Turner know how close their perpetrator is as, across Edinburgh, a violent and psychopathic killer gains more confidence with every life he takes…


Helen Field’s DI Luc Callanach and DCI Ava Turner series is one I have followed since the beginning, and this is a series that keeps on delivering the goods. It’s been fascinating to see Luc’s relationship with Ava grow over the course of the last five books, is there something more in store for them in the future? We shall have to see.

The cases that Ava and Luc are investigating in Perfect Crime are perplexing. The book opens with a rather dramatic scene, as Stephen Berry is attempting to commit suicide and disturbingly, a stranger in the crowd is egging him on and laughing at his attempt. So it is a huge relief to the majority of the crowd when a Good Samaritan persuades Stephen to halt his actions. So when Stephen ends up dead after falling from a wall at Tantallon Castle only a few days later, it is devastating. But soon more bodies begin to turn up, it appears to Ava and Luc that someone is targeting vulnerable people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and the one thing that links the cases is the strange man witnessed laughing in the crowd. Can they identify and stop this individual before they kill again?

This is a really pacy read. From very early on though I did have an idea who the killer was, but this didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story. Helen focuses here not only on the murders of suicidal victims but on a few different cases, one that does throw Luc in the eye of the police as a potential suspect. Helen follows on from earlier revelations about Luc’s own family and his past in this book, and you can see just how angry he is and how it has affected him. You don’t have to read the previous books to understand what’s happened as it is explained here, but it does help to get a better understanding of the characters if you have. And really, why wouldn’t you want to read the rest? They’re really excellent books.

I loved the moments that Luc spent with Ava, and I could see their feelings for each other growing. It was one of those parts of the story which I didn’t really expect to come at all, after reading the first few books in the series and again Helen has me wondering what is install for them next.

Perfect Crime is another terrific addition to this series. I can’t wait to see what Helen has install for her characters next. Top stuff!

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 18th April 2019

Print length: 400 pages

If you would like to purchase Perfect Crime, you can do so by clicking on one of the following links below.

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Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt #bookreview blog tour @writermels @AvonBooksUK

Today I’m thrilled to be joining the blog tour for Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt, the second book in the DS Grace Allendale series, with thanks to Sabah Khan at Avon Books for inviting me to take part.

Tick Tock: The gripping new crime thriller from the million copy bestseller by [Sherratt, Mel]



In the city of Stoke, a teenage girl is murdered in the middle of the day, her lifeless body abandoned in a field behind her school.


Two days later, a young mother is abducted. She’s discovered strangled and dumped in a local park.


DS Grace Allendale and her team are brought in to investigate, but with a bold killer, no leads and nothing to connect the victims, the case seems hopeless. It’s only when a third woman is targeted that a sinister pattern emerges. A dangerous mind is behind these attacks, and Grace realises that the clock is ticking…

Can they catch the killer before another young woman dies?


I absolutely loved Hush Hush, the first book in the DS Grace Allendale series, so I was very excited to read Tick Tock. Opening up with the discovery of the body of a young girl, after she broke away from her friends during a cross country run, an intense police investigation ensues. Who could kill a young girl like this and in broad daylight? What was going on in her personal life? As Grace and her team race to find a killer, another body is found, and a scary thought crosses Grace’s mind which terrifies her team.

DS Grace Allendale is such an interesting character. In the first book in the series, Mel Sherratt explored her roots and the family she is trying desperately hard not to be a part of, a family who are well known to the police. We do get to see her struggles with her family again in this book, and they are trying to keep an eye on her and to reel her into their world. But is this simply because she is a police officer and that she could potentially be a valuable asset to them?

When I read the first opening chapter, I was shocked at how the killer managed to kill their first victim so quickly and easily without anyone seeing anything. I couldn’t believe how brazen they were to commit this act in broad daylight and in public. This is what drew me into the story. I had to find out who could do such a thing and why. I knew then that the young girl wasn’t going to be the first and that this was going to be a tough case for Grace and the rest of her team to crack. I could sense the race against time to bring the person responsible to justice.

I did not predict the final outcome of this book at all. The pace never drops, and there is a chilling atmosphere which runs right throughout the book as Grace and her team chase down leads and interview suspects. As I mentioned earlier, a scary thought crosses Grace’s mind, and I could really sense the fear the police officers felt as it dawned on them what could potentially be happening as they tried to work out the killer’s motive.

The mystery here will draw you in, and you won’t be able to stop turning those pages until you have found out the answers. Chilling, gritty and absolutely gripping this is another top read from Mel Sherratt. I can’t wait for her next book.

Publisher: Avon

Publication date: 2nd May 2019

Print length: 400 pages

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