Do No Harm by Jack Jordan #bookreview

On my blog today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the gripping new novel by Jack Jordan, Do No Harm.


My child has been taken. And I’ve been given a choice…
Kill a patient on the operating table. Or never see my son again.

The man lies on the table in front of me.
As a surgeon, it’s my job to save him.
As a mother, I know I must kill him.
You might think that I’m a monster.
But there really is only one choice.
I must get away with murder.
Or I will never see my son again.



I was really looking forward to reading Do No Harm by Jack Jordan. I’m a huge fan of his writing and I think his latest is his best yet. It’s entertaining, utterly gripping and it will keep you invested in the story and the characters from page one.

There is a really intriguing premise here. Dr Anna Jones is faced with an impossible task. She is about to perform an operation on a prominent, well liked MP, tipped one day to become Prime Minister. But when her son is kidnapped, she has one choice to make if she ever wants to see her son alive again. For the kidnappers to release him, she must kill her patient, which goes against every fibre of her being. But will she do it to protect her son?

You can feel the emotion that Dr Anna Jones is experiencing as she comes to terms with what is happening to her. The choice she must make overwhelms her. I really wanted to know what she was going to do. It kept me turning those pages to see how she was going to respond to the kidnapper’s demands. This will make your heart pound as you’re reading it and Jack Jordan continues to turn the tension up a notch as it comes closer to the moment when Anna must make her decision.

Do No Harm really is a rollercoaster of a read. It takes you on a wild ride and it made me think what I would do if I was in Anna’s position. I couldn’t come up with a clear answer to that.  It’s what makes this idea so scary as well, especially as we put all of our trust in medical staff when we are in their care. The idea that Jack Jordan explores could potentially happen in the world today. And things go from bad to worse for Anna as she tries to work out what is the best way forward for her and her son.

I’m certain that Do No Harm will be a huge hit. It kept me hooked right from the first page and I was desperate to find out what was going to happen to Anna. I really enjoyed it. This is a thriller not to be missed.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publication date: 26th May 2022

Print length: 429 pages

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Night by Night by Jack Jordan #bookreview @JackJordanBooks

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to read Jack Jordan’s latest thriller, Night By Night. I’m a huge fan of his books so I will be making sure that I am not this late when his next book comes out.

Night by Night: A darkly addictive fast-paced thriller perfect for fans of Erin Kelly and Alice Feeney by [Jack Jordan]


If you’re reading this, I’m dead.

Rejected by her family and plagued by insomnia, Rose Shaw is on the brink. But one dark evening she collides with a man running through the streets, who quickly vanishes. The only sign he ever existed – a journal dropped at Rose’s feet.

She begins to obsessively dedicate her sleepless nights to discovering what happened to Finn Matthews, the mysterious author of the journal. Why was he convinced someone wanted to kill him? And why, in the midst of a string of murders, won’t the police investigate his disappearance?

Rose is determined to uncover the truth. But she has no idea what the truth will cost her…


Night by Night is a heart-breaking and a powerful read by Jack Jordan that will pull you in from the first page. It is written with urgency and pace, and I became invested in Rose’s world as she becomes involved in an investigation purely by chance. She comes across a journal which details a haunting account of a young man, Finn Matthews, who is targeted by another individual. Finn is convinced that the man is going to kill him. But when Rose takes the journal to the police, she finds that there are very few people who are willing to talk to her. It is clear just how exasperated that she feels like this and I felt angry that they weren’t showing any interest.

In the opening chapters when we first meet Rose, I have to admit that I didn’t particularly like her, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I reached the end of chapter three. It did propel me to read forwards, and I ended up racing through the novel. But as the story develops, I became more and more invested in Rose’s character and in her plight to get justice for the young man whose journal she has discovered. And it isn’t long before she has found similar cases which have been brushed under the carpet.

Rose herself has suffered from a horrific trauma which has destroyed her family. In the early pages, she is suffering from insomnia, and this leads to a devastating event throwing her life and her family into chaos. I felt really sorry for Rose. Jack Jordan builds her character really well, and as we learn more about her past, we can see why she has become attached to the man she is reading about and why she is so determined to get him justice. But the more determined she became I could also feel the danger that was closing in on Rose. There are people out there who also want to stop her from investigating, and it is clear that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get her to stop. I wondered just how far Rose was going to be able to continue, but I was rooting for her all the way.

Jack Jordan keeps the suspense and tension going, as Rose’s investigations deepen. When we hear more from Finn through snippets of his journal, I wanted to find out what had happened to him, and who was responsible for his disappearance. As Rose closes in on the person who did this, I could sense that she was putting her life in danger, and I admired her for pushing on regardless.

Jack Jordan has created characters who you will absolutely detest and characters who you will root for. It is pulled together in an utterly engaging plot that will keep you turning the pages. Next time, I’ll make sure that I don’t leave it too long to read Jack’s book when his next one comes out. Night By Night is a brilliant read!

Publisher: Corvus

Publication date: 2nd May 2019

Print length: 366 pages

Night By Night is available to buy:

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Before Her Eyes by Jack Jordan Book Review @JackJordanBooks @CorvusBooks

Before Her Eyes: The irresistible new psychological crime thriller by [Jordan, Jack]

Source: Review Copy


She can’t see the killer
But the killer can see her…

Naomi Hannah has been blind since birth. Struggling with living in a small, claustrophobic town, Naomi contemplates ending her life. But then she stumbles across the body of a young woman who has been brutally murdered. She senses someone else there at the scene – watching her. Naomi may not be able to see the killer’s face, but she is still the only person who can identify him.

As the police begin hunting the person responsible and more victims are discovered, Naomi is forced to answer the question on which her fate hangs: why did the killer let her live?

In a town this small, the murderer must be close, perhaps even before her very eyes…


Last year I read Anything For Her by Jack Jordan, which blew away all my expectations, so I was intrigued to see what he would come up with for his next psychological thriller.

His latest novel Before Her Eyes had me hooked from the opening pages. There’s quite a strong and intriguing opening to this book in which we see the lead character, Naomi in a vulnerable state as she teeters towards the edge, Naomi is considering ending her life. Her reasons for doing this drew me into the story as I wanted to find out why she thought that this was the only option left for her. I had a lot of sympathy for her. This grew as I learnt more about her character and the troubles she has faced in the past.

I thought an interesting aspect which Jack explored in his writing was the subject of blindness. Naomi has been blind since birth. I thought the way how Jack wrote her character was done really well, especially as he had to rely on what she felt and thought when telling the book from her perspective. Naomi’s fears came across very strongly, particularly in some scenes.

Things soon begin to take a far more terrifying turn for Naomi when she is caught up in a dangerous sequence of events. As the events in the present unfold, Naomi is dragged back into a mystery from her past. This is a mystery which has remained unsolved for years. I wanted to know what had happened and what the resolution was going to be.

The story is told from Naomi’s perspective and from the viewpoint of one of the detectives working on the case, Marcus. They were both two engaging and likeable characters. I thought Marcus was a brilliant character, his determination to see the case through and to protect Naomi came through very strongly. Although I really liked Marcus, I hated his boss for many reasons. I think his boss is a character who many readers will take a dislike to.

Before Her Eyes will pull you into the story from the opening pages and you will become wrapped up in the mystery which is very cleverly pulled together at the end. I was impressed by the twist in Jack’s last book, so I’ll be interested to see how he’ll pull it off again in what he writes next. There is plenty of intrigue and plenty of engaging characters to keep you gripped and the fear felt by the characters creates a menacing atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of psychological thrillers.

Publisher: Corvus

Publication date: 16th August 2018

Print length: 448 pages