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Anaconda Vice: A smart, fast paced thriller by [Stansfield, James]

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When Lucas Winter, a retired professional wrestler, runs out of gas on a dark and desolate road, his only thoughts are on getting to the lights of the small town up ahead, getting some gas, and getting out of there…only things aren’t quite what they seem in the tiny town of Anaconda.

Before he has a chance to solve his transport problem, Lucas finds himself in trouble with the law after a local man picks a fight with him…and then ends up dead. Innocent, Lucas fights to clear his name, tangling with the local law enforcement and the family of the dead man, who seem set on taking their revenge. Can Lucas get out alive? And just what is it that the residents of Anaconda are hiding….

“A tense and gripping thriller with a compelling new hero. Great stuff.” – Mason Cross


Anaconda Vice is a taut, action packed novel from debut author James Stansfield and I really enjoyed reading it.

Lucas Winter is a retired professional wrestler, as he is making his way home from an event, his car runs out of gas. Seeking help he ventures into the nearest town, Anaconda, a seemingly forgotten neighbourhood in America, which is slumbering peacefully. No aid comes to Lucas and with little options left available to him, he hunkers down and tries to get some shut eye. But his perception of the town quickly evaporates when he wakes up the following morning to find his vision blocked out by the barrel of a gun, and a rather angry resident. Not quite the welcome he was hoping for. And from that moment on, things only seem to go from bad to worse for Lucas.

James Stansfield’s writing draws you into the setting; he really does make you feel as though you are trapped in this town alongside Lucas, especially when it seems that there is little hope of him escaping. In some places  it does feel very claustrophobic and some of the characters in this book really got under my skin, especially a few of the cops in the town. Lucas does find solace with one character and I particularly enjoyed the scenes in which they were alone together. He is a brilliant lead character and as the novel progressed I found myself rooting for him. I wanted him to get his life back on track and I was on tenterhooks throughout the story as I waited to find out what would happen.

Anaconda Vice is a really strong debut from James Stansfield with brilliant and well developed characters and a strong sense of place. He’s a writer who I will be watching out for and I am interested to see what he does next. Thank you to Liz Barnsley for inviting to take part in the blog tour and for sending me a copy of the book to review.

Publisher: Manatee Books

Publication date: 22nd February 2018

Print length: 245 pages



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