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I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Night Time Cool by Jamie Paradise today on my blog, and I have a guest post from the author to share with you as part of the tour.

Night Time Cool by [Paradise, Jamie]


Bent Met police detective DI Frederick Street rules as the ‘Sheriff of Shoreditch’ who loves shaking down the street goons he arrests.

Elvis Street is the son who cannot stand his father for being the balls-out crook he caught in bed with his girl.

Elvis wants to take Frederick down and end him forever.

Neither father or son realises how much the other understands what controls them.

Neither father or son will ever back down.

Night Time Cool is the story of why?


1. I spent the summer of 1991 in Ibiza

2. Chess fascinates and I’m duff at it

3. At age five I remember wanting the villains in movies to get away with their dastardly deeds

4. I once managed a band – was short-lived

5. I spent the summer of 1990 in Rhodes, Greece

6. I directed plays while at university the first time (studying BA Film and Theatre)

7. The Blackburn Warehouse Parties of 1989-90 are the best nights out I’ve ever experienced

8. I spent October 1997 to September 1998 in Goa, Pakistan, China, Thailand and Laos – was brilliant

9. Forget being an Observer and Guardian sports hack for 16 years: being Lancaster Kentucky Fried Chicken chief chip fryer at 17 is the best gig ever (all that free nosh)

10. I’m going to write a novel that involves Silent Era and Pre-Code Hollywood as that time fascinates


I hope you enjoyed reading Jamie’s guest post and that you may be tempted to buy a copy of the book, all the purchase links are below. Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part in the blog tour.

Publisher: Unbound Digital

Publication date: 22nd July 2018

Print length: 376 pages

If you would like to purchase Night Time Cool, you can do so by clicking on one of the following links below. 

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