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What would you do if you came home to find someone in your house?

This is the predicament Polly Cooke faces when she returns to her new home. The first weeks in the house had been idyllic, but soon Jacob, a local man, is watching her.

What does he want and why is he so obsessed with Polly?

In a situation where nothing is what it seems, you might end up regretting letting some people in.



Rebecca Muddiman was born and raised in the North East and worked in the NHS for many years. She has published four crime novels – Stolen, Gone, Tell Me Lies, and Murder in Slow Motion. Stolen won a Northern Writers Award in 2010 and the Northern Crime Competition in 2012. She is also a screenwriter and was selected for the London Screenwriters Festival Talent Campus in 2016.

Most of her spare time is spent re-watching Game of Thrones, trying to learn Danish, and dealing with two unruly dogs. Sometimes all at the same time.


No Place Like Home is a thriller that will really get under your skin. Don’t be fooled by what you see, this book will take you by surprise. Rebecca Muddiman’s latest novel explores a terrifying scenario that many people may think about but don’t think will ever happen to them. The thought of someone breaking into my house absolutely terrifies me and this is what Rebecca’s protagonist is faced with when the novel begins.

We are introduced to Polly Clarke who has recently moved into her dream home. One evening she returns to her house to find someone else inside, shattering the façade of the idyllic, perfect home she has worked so hard for and dreamed about for so long. She doesn’t know who this person is or what they are doing. Rebecca captured Polly’s fear in a very real and believable way here and you immediately get a sense of how vulnerable she is, especially as she lives alone. But as Polly is facing this new, terrifying predicament we move back in time to see events in the lead up to this day and it is here that the story really becomes interesting.

Rebecca Muddiman really messes with the readers head as we get to know the characters and this is what I really liked about this book and it is what kept me engaged. The pace does slow down a little after the shocking opening – when we move back in time – but as our lead character started to realise she was being stalked, I wanted to know if this was connected to what had happened in the opening pages and I also wanted to know why this was happening to her. Rebecca kept up the suspense as I waited to find out what was going to be the outcome for Polly and she kept me invested in her character.

I was intrigued by both Polly and her stalker, Jacob and as their characters developed and Rebecca revealed their past history my perception of them both began to change. There was some fascinating character development in this book and I felt as though I connected, in some ways, with both of them. This is where it becomes really tricky not to talk much more about the plot here as I don’t want to give anything away. But the direction in which Rebecca took the story caught me by surprise.

Rebecca controls the atmosphere in her story well and this also worked with the reveals about the characters and their lives, it made me think that there were sinister revelations to come and it kept me flicking the pages as I hurried to get to the end and Rebecca delivers an absolutely chilling ending. This is a book which you will want to be pressing into the hands of friends and family. Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for providing me with an advance review copy of the book.

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Publication date: 6th August 2018

Print length: 271 pages



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