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On my blog today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the new novel by Paul Cleave, The Quiet People. With thanks to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part.

The Quiet People by [Paul Cleave]


Cameron and Lisa Murdoch are successful New Zealand crime writers, happily married and topping bestseller lists worldwide. They have been on the promotional circuit for years, joking that no one knows how to get away with crime like they do. After all, they write about it for a living.

So when their challenging seven-year-old son Zach disappears, the police and the public naturally wonder if they have finally decided to prove what they have been saying all this time… 

Are they trying to show how they can commit the perfect crime?

Electrifying, taut and immaculately plotted, The Quiet People is a chilling, tantalisingly twisted thriller that will keep you gripped and guessing to the last explosive page.


The Quiet People by Paul Cleave is a rollercoaster of a read. I flew through this book. Right from the first page the tension begins to build and the tension does not let up at all; it propels you into the story right from the get go. This is a very clever book and I was utterly gripped.

We meet Cameron and Lisa Murdoch who face every parent’s worst nightmare when their son Zach goes missing. They think he may have run away after he argued with them earlier in the evening, but the police begin to suspect foul play. Soon it isn’t long before the police and the public point the finger at them and they are held responsible for their son’s disappearance. But how can they convince the police and the community that they are innocent when the evidence against them seems overwhelming?

A really interesting aspect of this book was that both Cameron and Lisa are crime writers, a husband and wife crime writing team, and this forms part of the evidence against them. They know all the ins and outs of a police investigation from their research. Is it possible that they had a role to play in Zach’s disappearance? They have joked before that they would easily be able to get away with a crime.

There is a lot of emotion and anger in this book. It is told from the point of view of Cameron, Zach’s father and he goes through utter turmoil in his fight to prove his innocence. It is through Cameron that we feel this anger and his character is what makes this story so compelling. Although Cameron and Lisa are fighting for their innocence, part of me did call into doubt their story and I wasn’t sure if I could entirely trust them. I had to know how things were going to unfold for Lisa and Cameron and especially their son. But as things go from bad to worse for Cameron I could totally understand some of the decisions he was making.

The pace never drops and I loved the short snappy chapters which kept me turning the pages. There are more than a few heart pounding moments throughout this book, especially when it comes to the final reveals as we close in on the end. The plot was very clever and well thought out.

The Quiet People is an outstanding, original and an utterly gripping thriller with an explosive, heart wrenching ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I highly recommend it!

Publisher: Orenda Books

Publication date: 25th September 2021 (kindle) 25th November 2021 (paperback)

Print length: 300 pages

The Quiet People is available to buy:

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