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On my blog today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the new novel by S.E. Lynes, Her Sister’s Secret.

Her Sister’s Secret: A completely gripping psychological thriller full of suspense by [S.E. Lynes]


Why would you pretend your life is a dream when you’re living a nightmare?

Annie and Dom lead perfect lives in a lovely cottage in a quiet village by the sea, with flowers at the front gate and an apple tree in the garden. Everyone knows them: generous, loving Dom, creative, joyful Annie.

But their neighbours don’t see Annie as she sits waiting for Dom well into the night. They don’t see her smiling through her tears. They don’t know what the perfect couple are hiding.

They just hear the sirens that break the silence of the night and see the flames that rise against the dark sky.

And the morning after, what everyone wants to know is – which one was to blame?


I’ve only recently discovered S.E. Lyne’s books, and I loved her latest, Her Sister’s Secret. This is an intense psychological thriller, and the plot and the characters kept me utterly gripped. This book is a rollercoaster of a read.

S.E. Lynes begins her book with a shocking opening when Isla receives devastating news from her nephew, Callum. Her sister Annie and her husband Dominic have been killed in a house fire. But she knows she has to be strong for her nephew. He’s lost his mother. She has to be there for him.

There are some shocking twists and turns in this book. It is more of a slow burner, but the tension gradually gathers pace and S.E. Lyne’s writing pulls you into the story. I had to know what really happened on the night of the fire. The person who I felt for the most as I was reading was Isla. She has no idea how to cope with what has happened. Her whole world has just come apart, and she doesn’t know who she can trust. It made for really tense reading as she tried to come to terms with what was happening, particularly as the police investigation uncovers who might have started the fire.

It’s really hard to talk more about the plot without giving it away. I had no idea what had happened the night of the fire, and I didn’t know whose testimony to believe. I became more intrigued as S.E. Lynes began to peel back Annie’s relationship with her husband in the flashback scenes. I wanted to know more about her marriage, and I wanted to understand if this had anything to do with the fire.  

But as I thought everything had come together, S.E. Lynes begins to ratchet up the tension again. My perceptions of the characters kept changing as I was reading this novel; like Isla, I didn’t know who I could trust. And especially in those final scenes, I became really worried that something terrible was going to happen. It makes for a nail biting finale.

Her Sister’s Secret is the second book by S.E. Lynes, which I’ve read, and I think I’ve definitely found a new favourite author. Another excellent book by S.E. Lynes.

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 13th July 2021

Print length: 299 pages

Her Sister’s Secret is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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Can You See Her? by S.E. Lynes #bookreview blog tour @SELynesAuthor @bookouture

I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on the brilliant new novel by S.E. Lynes on my blog today, Can You See Her? This is the first book by S.E. Lynes which I have read and it won’t be my last.

Can You See Her?: An absolutely compelling psychological thriller by [S.E. Lynes]


Rachel Ryder doesn’t understand how her life has changed so completely. When she was younger, heads would turn when she walked into a room. Her children needed her; her husband adored her.

But somehow the years wore that all away. She was so busy raising her children, looking after her parents… She can barely remember the woman she used to be, the one whose husband told her she was out of his league. The woman she is now just does the laundry and makes the dinner, and can walk into a room without anyone knowing she’s there.

She knows that she hated feeling invisible. She knows that she thought: what would it take for you to see me again?

And now she’s worried that she did something terrible. Because she’s sitting in a room, being asked whether she killed someone.

When no-one is watching, you can get away with anything…


Can You See Her? is the first novel by S.E. Lynes that I have read and it is outstanding! It had me hooked from the first page, and by the end, it had left me reeling, it’s not often that books have such a big impact on me. The writing is powerful and totally absorbing. You can definitely label me a big fan, and I’ll be catching up on her previous work!

What I thought was so clever is the how S.E. Lynes took us into the minds of her characters. This is a slow-burner, so if you’re looking for a fast-paced read then you won’t find it here, but what is done so well is the S.E. Lynes takes a close look at the psychological impact of a crime. This is what interests me the most and what I find all the more compelling in crime fiction novels. This book needs to be added to your TBR pile.

We first meet Rachel when she is sitting in a room with her psychologist. Most of the story takes place here as Rachel peers back into her past. Rachel is convinced that she has done something terrible, but we don’t know much more about it. It is only as her psychologist peels away the layers of the last few days do we get to see the big picture. As I delved further into Rachel’s mind, I wanted to understand what had happened, and how she came to be sitting in that room in the predicament that she now finds herself in. As more details were revealed, I could never be sure what the true story was. I had one idea forming in my mind as I got to know Rachel a little better, but I was completely surprised by S.E. Lynes final twist.

This book is also quite topical as S.E. Lynes tackles the topic of knife crime which has been hitting the headlines for the past few years.

What I thought also made this book really intriguing is that some chapters are written in the form of a police transcript, from when they have interviewed a suspect. In these sections, we get to see what people think about Rachel, and I began to form my own opinions of what had happened as I read these scenes. This is also what makes the pace of the book pick up.

I really connected with Rachel. I felt exasperated for her as it seemed that she was totally on her own. Even her own family seemed to be distancing themselves from her. You can see how much of an effect this is having on her, especially on her well-being; it was here that I began to wonder what really was going on in her own private world.

S.E. Lyne’s description is brilliant, as well. She painted the scenes in vivid detail, and I felt as though I was transported to that moment. She is a really talented writer.

I think the only way how I can sum up this review is that you need to read this book! I couldn’t stop turning those final pages as S.E. Lynes kept me glued to her words. Can You See Her? is a heart-breaking and powerful read.

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 22nd April 2020

Print length: 357 pages

Can You See Her? is available to buy:

Amazon UK  Kobo


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