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On my blog today, I’m taking part in the blog tour for the new novel by Stacy Green, The Girl in the Ground.

The Girl in the Ground: A completely gripping mystery and suspense thriller (Nikki Hunt Book 4) by [Stacy Green]


She was beautiful: shiny blond hair, crystal blue eyes and the widest smile Nikki had ever seen. She thought back to what she had seen in the ground, the dirt that caked the white bones. All that remained of her now was the silver locket that was still around her neck…

When construction workers unearth a girl’s skeleton in Stillwater, Minnesota, Special Agent Nikki Hunt is called to the scene by her boyfriend Rory. Nikki knows instantly that the girl was murdered, but she is shocked when Rory immediately recognizes her. The victim was his childhood sweetheart, Becky, and he was the last person to see her before she went missing twenty-four years ago.

With the love of her life now a potential suspect, Nikki is forced to take a step back from the case. But then her colleague Liam finds lies in Rory’s statement – it appears that Becky may have been carrying Rory’s child when she was killed. Despite this, Nikki still thinks he could be innocent, and knows she must find the real killer herself if Rory stands any chance of walking free.

When Nikki finds a potential link to two pregnant girls who were found murdered years before it’s clear that this is the most twisted killer that she has ever faced. And then another girl goes missing from Stillwater. Can Nikki unearth the truth and protect the man she loves? And will she find the missing girl in time to save her life?


Stacy Green has become one of my favourite authors in the crime fiction genre. I love her Agent Nikki Hunt books. They are always really addictive and I really like Nikki. The latest case she is investigating in The Girl in the Ground, hits far too close to home when it’s her boyfriend, Rory who discovers the remains of a young woman at a building site. It might even be the case that Rory knew the victim.

I was really intrigued by the mystery in this book. It starts off with a chilling opening where we see two girls collecting river stones. And this scene ends on a very chilling note which made me want to read the rest of the book right away.

I’ve really liked seeing Nikki and Rory’s relationship develop over the course of the last few books and I was worried where this latest development would take them. You can see clearly how distressed Rory is at the finding the remains, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming a potential suspect in the eyes of Nikki’s colleagues. Rory’s emotion does come through very strongly in Stacy Green’s writing.

There is tension on every page as Nikki and her team race to find a killer. I wanted to know what the killer’s motive was and how this young woman had gone undiscovered in the ground for so long. I also wanted to know more about Rory’s connection to the victim. As in the previous books in the series, Stacy Green keeps the suspense and intrigue ticking up a notch with each new chapter. This is what I really love about her writing.

Things take an even more surprising turn when a pregnant woman, who is a surrogate, disappears. There are some very dark themes which Stacy Green explores in this book, including sex trafficking. It does make for tense reading when Stacy Green delves into the stories of the victims in her book. But she does this sensitively.

I really enjoyed The Girl in the Ground. I am a big fan of this series and this book is one of my favourites in the series. If you enjoy gripping detective novels, you won’t be disappointed.

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 1st December 2021

Print length: 266 pages

The Girl in the Ground is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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Lost Angels by Stacy Green #blogtour #bookreview @stacygreen26 @bookouture

On my blog today, I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for the new novel in the Nikki Hunt series by Stacy Green, Lost Angels.

Lost Angels: A nail-biting crime thriller packed with suspense (Nikki Hunt Book 3) by [Stacy Green]


On her hands and knees, Nikki moved to the other side of the body. She couldn’t stop her fingers from trembling as she brushed the dark hair off the victim’s face. She couldn’t look away. “I know her…”

When Special Agent Nikki Hunt is called to the Boundary Waters near Stillwater, Minnesota, it’s not just the cold that shocks her to her core: the body of a young woman has been found frozen beside a remote lake. Nikki is devastated to see the victim is her childhood friend Annmarie, and she recognizes the velvet ribbon tied in her hair as the hallmark of a serial killer who she has been hunting for years.

Desperate for justice, Nikki throws herself into the case. But she is shaken by what she finds at Annmarie’s home: a dead-bolt on her front door and a map in the spare room, with the locations of murdered women circled in thick, red marker. Did Annmarie know she was next? Then Nikki finds out that the killer has left a clue in Annmarie’s bedroom: a photo of Nikki’s mother that no one has ever seen. Has the murderer at large been in Nikki’s life since she was a child?

Nikki soon realizes that the key to unlocking this case is in her own family, but digging up the past could put her own daughter in danger. She has spent her whole life protecting the ones she loves, but to find this killer Nikki might have to risk everything…


Lost Angels is another gripping read in the Nikki Hunt series by Stacy Green. I am loving these books; Nikki Hunt is such a fascinating and a brilliant character. This time around she is on the hunt again for a serial killer who has haunted her career, following the discovery of the body of her childhood friend. Nikki’s desperation to get justice for her friend and find the killer comes through very clearly on the page. It’s a fast-paced, unputdownable read. I think this is definitely my favourite book in this series to date.

This book is an emotional rollercoaster for Nikki. Her character comes through so strongly in Stacy’s writing. It is clear she will do anything to bring the killer, known to the police as Frost to justice. You can see clearly how Frost makes Nikki and her team nervous. They have no idea when he will strike again, and they are determined to stop him in his tracks before he has the chance to kill again. The stakes in this book really couldn’t be higher for Nikki. It’s what makes this book such an entertaining read.

Like Nikki, I wanted to find out who Frost was and what his motive was here. It’s what was making me turn the pages faster and faster. It becomes clear as Nikki is investigating the case that her friend may have been onto Frost. I wanted to know what her friend knew about him and if she had been close to discovering who he was. Was that what prompted Frost to kill her, to keep her quiet? Or was there another reason? Why was Nikki’s friend investigating him on her own in the first place?

Stacy Green keeps the tension turning up a notch as Nikki and her team close in on the killer. As they begin to understand who he is it makes the book even more chilling. It makes me wonder how things will progress from here for Nikki, especially after everything that has happened to her in this book. The final scenes were so tense, and I had no idea how things were going to pan out.

Stacy Green is a writer who knows how to keep her readers captivated. If you love fast paced crime novels and if you are a fan of serial killer thrillers, then this series is a must read. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I can’t wait to catch up with Nikki Hunt again, hopefully very soon.

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 27th August 2021

Print length: 236 pages

Lost Angels is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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The Girls in the Snow by Stacy Green #bookreview #booksontour @stacygreen26 @bookouture

I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for The Girls in the Snow by Stacy Green as part of the blog tour today on my blog.

The Girls in the Snow: A completely unputdownable crime thriller (Nikki Hunt Book 1) by [Stacy Green]


Madison walked through the fallen snow, looking left and right. It had been Kaylee’s idea to use the trail through the forest; she said no one would follow them. But Madison lost sight of Kaylee for a moment and when she found her again she wasn’t alone…

In the remote forests of Stillwater, Minnesota, you can scream for days and no one will hear you. So when the bodies of two fifteen-year-old girls are discovered frozen in the snow, Special Agent Nikki Hunt is sure the killer is local: someone knew where to hide the girls and thought they would never be found.

Though Nikki hasn’t been home in twenty years, she knows she must take over the case. The Sheriff’s department in Stillwater has already made a mistake by connecting the girls’ murders to those of a famous serial killer, refusing to consider the idea that the killer could be someone from town.

Then another girl’s body is found, a red silk ribbon tied in her hair, and Nikki realizes that the killer has a connection to her own dark past, and the reason she left Stillwater.

Nikki is not the only person in town who wants those secrets to stay hidden. Will she be able to face her demons before another child is taken?


The Girls in the Snow is the first book by Stacy Green which I’ve read, and you can label me a big fan. I hope this is the first book in a long-running series featuring FBI Agent Nikki Hunt; I can’t wait to read more.

The police are already looking for a sadistic serial killer, and when the bodies of two young girls are discovered, the police instantly draw a connection. But Detective Nikki Hunt isn’t sure that the perpetrator is the same. She believes that the killer is local and that it isn’t in the same style as the killer they have been previously hunting for. And this new case they are investigation is about to blow haunting memories of her past wide open.

I thought Nikki was a really intriguing character. The book opens with a chilling flashback scene from her past when her parents were murdered. For years her parent’s murders have been an open and shut case after the killer was identified and sentenced. But new evidence comes to light shining doubt on the prosecution. Is it possible that the wrong man was convicted? Who is the real killer who has let an innocent man go to prison in his stead?

You can see just how much the reopening of old wounds haunts Nikki. She can’t bear the thought of the wrong man being convicted. In a bid to push these thoughts to one side, she throws herself into the current investigation. But as they ramp up efforts to track down the killer, who has so far evaded them, she can’t help but be drawn back to her parent’s murders all the time.

The Girls in the Snow made for an absolutely gripping read. I flew through it, and Stacy Green kept the tension turning up a notch. It was the investigation and Nikki’s personal story that kept me hooked. I really felt for Nikki as she grappled with coming to terms with the fact that the wrong man may have been put in prison for her parent’s murder. You can see that she doesn’t want to believe it, and she is keen to put off looking again at her parent’s case. She doesn’t want to be drawn back into it, but she also knows that it will be inevitable.

I’ll certainly be downloading the next book in this series when it is released. This is definitely recommended for fans of crime and psychological thrillers. This is another crime series which I’m sure will become a favourite of mine.

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 19th October 2020

Print length: 347 pages

The Girls in the Snow is available to buy:

Amazon UK


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