This Is How It Ends by Eva Dolan Book Review @eva_dolan @BloomsburyRaven


‘Elegantly crafted, humane and thought-provoking. She’s top drawer’ Ian Rankin

This is how it begins.

With a near-empty building, the inhabitants forced out of their homes by property developers.

With two women: idealistic, impassioned blogger Ella and seasoned campaigner, Molly.

With a body hidden in a lift shaft.

But how will it end?


This Is How It Ends by Eva Dolan is a book I was really looking forward to reading as I have previously enjoyed her Zigic and Ferreira series.

It began with the body. Ella Riordan is in her early twenties and is a high profile blogger and campaigner. She is currently squatting in a building marked for demolition and is fierce in standing up for the residents who are being forced out of their homes. Her world comes crumbling down however, when, at a party, she accidentally kills a man. Her friend, Molly, who is also a campaigner – who has devoted her life to this cause – takes charge and tries to convince Ella that everything is going to be fine. Molly knows that the police have a mark against Ella’s name and fears they won’t let her off lightly, if they find out what really happened. But the guilt gnaws away at Ella and very soon the truth about what she has done will spill out with disastrous consequences for them both.

The story is told through the voices of Ella and Molly. Whilst the chapters told from Molly’s perspective are set in the present, Ella’s narrative goes back in time and we see what has happened to her over the course of the last year. This part of the narrative I found did require some small level of concentration but once I settled into the story I found it really enjoyable. We delve deep into the psyche of the two characters and this is what made me really care about them. We get to see how Ella’s friendship with Molly developed over time and how Ella became involved with the campaigners.

This Is How It Ends is a passionate, tightly plotted crime novel that will leave plenty of room for thought. I loved it.

Publisher: Raven Books

Publication date: 25th January 2018

Print length: 336 pages